Remote Worker / Home Working into any business globally – as if they were sitting in your office

Home Working over the past five years has become more popular as the cloud and mobility for remote workers in the business sector have become more widely adopted. With the significant rise in the number of people working from home in the UK Vital-Tel have released two Home Working / remote worker solutions. As increasing numbers of employees start to work remotely, businesses require effective ways to manage their communications both internally & externally. Vital Telcom have added two home worker solutions as building blocks to our portfolio, either of which can be scaled up or down to accommodate every type of company requirement:

Remote Worker / Home WorkingHome Working Solutions
Remote workers seamlessly integrated

allin1remoteworker is our entry level home working solution, for sales staff, managers or directors that occasionally work from home. With a Vital – fibre to the cabinet – (FTTC) business broadband service, we guarantee HD voice and video over iP telephony and using QoS routers ensure there is no call degradation. In addition, employees may add their business VPN’s allowing a secure encrypted connection to your office servers, access all you can, as if you are in the office. Important for secure sharing and collaboration of all mediums of data with your colleagues.

allin1homeworker provides the full-blown contact-centre solution: failsafe connectivity with HD voice and video, chat/messenger and computer telephony integration (CTI), all may be unified to operate harmoniously your cloud CRM databases. allin1homewoker allows a full suite of remote working solutions to be combined ensuring your remote workers can collaborate as if they are seated within your Office or Contact Centre.  This high-end solution is reliant on an aggregation service router sited in a corporate data centre with high performance centrally managed router at the remote sites.  This is necessary to deliver full HD Voice over iP telephony, wireless data, video, chat/messenger over an encrypted VPN, with dedicated quality of service (QoS) for smooth voice and video.

Remote Worker / Home Working
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