DNIS Whisper announce service

Dialled Number Identification Service – displays who’s calling / Whisper – announces each caller;

Just seconds before each connection, a Whisper is made that only your staff can hear. Ensuring you know which line or Company even VIP is calling. DNIS works out whose calling and displays this information on your SoftPhone, handset or CRM if so required. Whisper Announce, ensures there are no mistakes.

Marketing lead source tracking

Improve your Business Metrics
  • a unique Ddi for each marketing campaign or media type, identify customers, treat VIP callers to enhanced or personal service.
  • allin1number call tracking allows non-productive advertisement to be spotted fast.
  • Busineses using multiple Ddi number campaigns, have been proven to increase effective advertising penetration with up to 50% improvement.
  • Allocate Ddi’s to important clients – fast track call handling with a more personal service for VIP’s.  Answer using their name or Company name.
DNIS Whisper Announce
DNIS Whisper Announce

Bureau service

Multi Tenancy Offices?

Provide a USP to your tenants, offer a receptionist overflow service: all calls unanswered, will seamlessly be routed to your switchboard operator, where your receptionist will answer calls in your tenants name and take a message accordingly. With our e-Receptionist: outsourced secretarial service to cover your holidays or sickness periods, you are 100% secure. We offer appointment booking, dedicated switchboard, or simply an overflow reception. See below ** e-Receptionist terms. See e-Receptionist / Virtual Receptionist for more info.

ITFS numbers

Use DNIS with International Freephone Numbers, by allocating a number per product or even language.

This valuable, yet under-used DNIS service will differentiate your business.  As an important allin1number customer our included DNIS/whisper announce ensures you can capitalise on providing higher service levels while improving overall customer satisfaction. Our DNIS/Whisper announce service also works on SoftPhones and Mobiles, see the following link to our Bria mobile app for more details, or view our allin1Contact-Centre features page.

To get in contact or for more information, please call +44 207 048 8821.  See our Contact Centre Dialers – out-bound calling efficiency.
** e-receptionist offer terms apply with a subscription of 1 x other Vital product – new customers only.