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Our whole philosophy is about helping organisations to remove inflexibility. UK Home working supports change in working practices, staff no longer need to be co-located to manage and contribute to the business processes that they are involved in. Home working UK provides the Value Added Service and the freedom for your staff to work away from the office.  Implemented and executed correctly home working / remote working solutions will not only change your entire business, improve staff retention and assist with overall staff and customer satisfaction. Your business will completely change as your remote workers remain valuable team members, who can complete their jobs and much more. Utilizing tools as flexi-time principles is a proven strategy, retaining valuable team working relationships by rotating home workers in order they may spend 1 maybe 2 days per week in the office retaining bonds and team membership with colleagues. This system with a rotation of home workers allows a business with space challenges to continue to expand incrementally. In short our proposition supports clients looking to implement a home working policy with a complete Telecom and IT support infrastructure.

Our clients find that once they have made that transition to Home Working UK they see some substantial improvements helping to deliver a leaner more competitive business:

  • Staff productivity
  • Reduced processing errors and paperwork
  • Lower processing cost
  • Increased processing times
  • All of these are important and measurable and enable most organisations to put together a cost justification for making the change.

Vital Telcom provide complete cloud solutions for business allowing our customers to expand their staff numbers by adding/integrating home workers.  Bandwidth, inclusive Telephony, Outlook 365, Cloud based CRM access and IT support.

Talk to us about how we can assist your team, with home working UK, whether you have limited space and yet need to expand the team with homeworkers, or the business has decided this is a healthy option for staff welfare and productivity, either way we can advise and deliver the right solution specifically tailored around your business.  See our Home Working / Remote Worker page.

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