Chatbots – redefine Customer Engagement.

Chatbots are on-line human-computer dialog systems; WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Insta, Telegram & Apple Business Chat from one simple interface.

The cost effectiveness will change the Contact-Centre as we know it, more importantly the technology is readily available and affordable today, for small and large businesses alike.

Chatbots redefine Customer Engagement.

Contact-Centres used to be a product of big business, today the evolution of technology and the iP PBX or hosted communications have changed this for good. Furthermore, Chatbot integration is not only for contact-centres. Chatbots are now cost effective and scalable options for all SME businesses. 

WhatsApp Newsletter Marketing

Chatbots Services
  • Reach your customers where they prefer.
  • Respond to your customers’ changing communication habits.
  • Open up new target groups.
  • Create loyal and long-term customer relationships.
  • Be an active part of the digital future!
  • Customers can subscribe directly from your website widget.

Chatbots – intelligently redefine Customer engagement

Chatbots Services

Chatbot Builder

Automate your WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger marketing campaigns. With the Chatbot Builder you can create Chatbots for a variety of needs without any prior programming experience. Enhance and automate your customer communication with the help of our sophisticated chatbots. 

Improve your customer service, talk to an allin1number team member about how easily we can implement our messenger broadcasting and chatbots into your business.  See our blog for more information on 1:1 messenger and chatbots.

Customer Service 1:1 Messenger Chat

Communicate with your customers through fast 1:1 chat, via their favourite messenger platforms.

Chatbots Services

All Lists Update Automatically

Your subscribers can sign up for your newsletter themselves, as well as unsubscribing directly from your websites. Our software makes sure that your subscriber list is always up to date.

Scheduled Newsletters

Send your newsletters right away or pick a date and time – it’s up to you, you may schedule and automate as suitable.

Simple & Convenient

Initiate your marketing channel immediately, as the software maintenance and development will be taken care of seamlessly.

Individually Adjustable

Your marketing channel is not only a reliable gateway directly to your clients. It will allow your business to communicate and reflect your branding, style and commitment with your customers. All clients may make individual adjustments to their profile, their widget and messages.

Comprehensive Statistics

The in-built stat’s feature enables your business to monitor how your user numbers are developing and the effectiveness of each indiviual messaging marketing campaign.

No Spam !

Our double-opt-in process makes sure that our service cannot be used for unwanted bulk messaging or spamming purposes.

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