allin1number - was designed differently to other phone systems

Why? because we recognise no two businesses are identical!
Our 'owned and managed' hosted phone system and unified communications suite, was built to accommodate individual tailoring around our customers exacting requirements.
Receive all the features and benefits of a state-of-the-art business phone system with no obsolescence. Including in-built Disaster Recovery.

Simplified business communications - allin1number

What DR Plans does your business have?

Just because you use cloud VoIP services doesn’t mean you’re off the hook when it comes to disaster recovery planning. Talk to us as every business requirement is different, we will  review your DR plans with you constructing a tailored plan to ensure adequate measures are in place to get you through a crisis. For more information on Disaster Recovery click here.

Reduce Call Costs

No call charges between offices, seamless integration of multi site environments. Reduce your overall call costs with allin1number by as much as 70%.

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Inbuilt Disaster Recovery

Should a disaster strike, even if your business is left without an office, we guarantee to deliver your business calls.

Never Miss A Call Again

Find-me follow-me technology: your Ddi number will be available seamlessly, we provide mobile's with your Landline numbers, more efficient that VoiP Apps!

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Improved Efficiency

Your customers can contact your key staff anytime, with follow-me numbers in conjunction with allin1Mobile!

Advanced Features

Call Queuing, Call Monitoring, Call Recording, Call-Screening, e-Receptionist, allin1Mobile; 4 digit dial your colleagues for FREE from anywhere worldwide.

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Expand Business Reach

Create a national or an international presence via our diverse range of readily available toll FREE 00800 numbers.