Answers to Vital-Tel’s most Frequently asked questions

ITFS stands for International Toll Free Service. An ITFS number is the international equivalent of a UK 0800 number, however allows customers to call a business for FREE from anywhere internationally and have the business pay for the call.

UIFN stands for Universal International Freephone Number. A UIFN service is the international equivalent of a UK 0800 number that remains the same number in over 40 Countries allowing a customer to call a business and have the business pay for the call.

ITFN stands for International Toll Free Number. However, these numbers are actually national toll-free or freephone numbers that can be called for free within a specific country. An example of this is an 0800 number in the UK, which cant be called from abroad.

PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is an industry term for a phone system. It is a costly piece of hardware that businesses have traditionally implemented in the past. This hardware controls all the phones in your location.  A Virtual PBX aka; cloud based phone system or hosted PBX’s, are clustered servers housed in different data-centres, supporting thousands of Companies.  Hosted PBX’s are operated on a mirrored basis, so there is no single point of failure, see allin1number.

The benefit to the end users is there no intelligent expensive hardware to purchase, as the core system is operated, maintained and continually developed by us. Multiple valuable features not found in any standard PBX are also included, providing a continuously updated state-of-the-art phones system for our clients.  Vitals’ MAIN differential is we actually own the Intellectual Property (iP) therefore operate our fully owned and managed systems.  This provides us with flexibility, and we are contnually winning business on this basis. We will happily tailor unique features, specifically for , or around a clients requirement, which the competition – who buy off-the shelf systems – just cannot provide !

The allin1number e-Receptionist is an automated service that puts you in control of all of your communication needs. An actual person answering your calls with a professional greeting and whom routes them to you wherever you like or takes a message.  Its like having a receptionist in your office, who knows you and your staff and exactly how you wish for your business calls to be handled. See e-Receptionist.

allin1number e-Receptionist pricing is based upon the number of extensions you require. For small businesses with under 5 extensions, the average total monthly cost for your e-Receptionist (including usage) is IRO £45-75 per month.

Your virtual PBX account can be fully set up and ready to use with 1 hour. However, some features, such as your professionally-recorded welcome greeting, may take up to a couple of days. At Vital Telcom we will provide a FREE no obligation audit, only once we have a thorough understanding of your business will we specify a solution that delivers efficiency while saving your business money!

Yes! For each extension, allin1number can forward calls to multiple numbers in a sequence, at the same time, or in any combination. You control where calls are forwarded through a simple web interface.

Yes! You decide whether calls should be forwarded to you or go straight to voicemail using a schedule based on time of day and day of week. Also, when calls are forwarded to you, you can decide whether to take the call or send the caller to voicemail.

You will have the option of selecting a phone number starting with 0800, 0207, 0208, 01483, 01293 etc or any local number in the area you choose, or you can select an international ITFS number from many countries around the world. You receive one toll-free and/or local number as your main phone/fax number for the auto-attendant and one additional toll-free or local number for each extension to allow direct dial or fax to that extension. International numbers are available on request, as are International Toll-free numbers or UIFN’s.

Yes! Please let us know where your business resides and we will set you up accordingly. Local numbers are a PROVEN method to acquire business, as opposed to advertising with mobiles which has the reverse effect.

Yes! Our e-Receptionists will answer your calls exactly as you would, in fact your customers will not know they are not sitting in your offices. As they will know ALL your staff and how to pass a message on according to your wishes.

Yes! You’re toll-free, or local virtual office phone number can be dialled from anywhere globally, if your business requires a multi-country virtual presence we have Universal International Free Phone numbers that the same business may offer the same product in up to 150 Countries from the same ITFS number, we can then route the call to the correct calls centre group or split, dependant on the origination Country.

Yes! You can personalize your greetings for each extension and you can personalize the message callers will hear if you are unavailable or decide not to take a call.

No! You can access the features of your Virtual PBX account using standard web browsers or you can use Mobile apps for iPhone, BlackBerry on Android to manage your voicemails.

Fax machines can send faxes directly to your personal toll-free number. Your toll-free number is always ready to accept both callers and faxes. When your number is dialled, Allin1number listens for fax tones in the background even as it is playing your greeting to the caller. As soon as Allin1number hears a fax tone, it switches over to fax mode and accepts the fax. The fax is then received into your online account and forwarded to your email. If you prefer, you can also dedicate an extension to be a fax-only line. This extension would then have its own dedicated fax number and answer the calls with fax tones, just as any fax machine would.

Sending a fax with Allin1number is as easy as composing an email message. You simply use our online compose page to type your message and address it to your fax recipient. You can then upload any files you want sent as part of your fax including Microsoft Office documents, pdf files, images, etc. Allin1number converts the attachments to images and sends it as a fax. Allin1number automatically retries sending faxes that can’t go through at first and you also get a confirmation in your account telling you if your fax was sent successfully or not.

Yes! If you have a phone number, be it an office number, cell phone, home phone, satellite phone, voice over IP phone, etc., we can forward calls to it. With the Siemens Gigaset range we provide one phone for Home/Office that will also receive your Home Landline calls.

Yes! You can transfer the call to another extension, any number, to voicemail, to anyone in your name and address book, or to anyone on a speed-dial list.

Create a schedule that lets callers find you wherever you are, just by calling your Allin1number number. You set up a schedule with the days and times you are reachable, and the numbers where you can be reached. When a call comes in, the service dials your numbers, simultaneously or sequentially. No need to give friends, family and associates multiple phone numbers to reach you. Let allin1number Find You!

You can easily record calls for quality purposes or to take the notes on the go. Simply press *2 and start recording your call. Audio file will be sent to your email and Allin1number online message centre after the recording is finished. Call Recording with allin1number require no hardware and can be added any time for an additional charge.

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