Backup & Recovery.

Is IT Web Security Solutions important to your business? As the world of modern work becomes increasingly mobile, your organisation’s data is decentralised. Critical data is dispersed across every staff device and workstation, stored across your networks and being saved locally by staff on the move.

Many organisations still rely on outdated backup methods and fail to recognise the importance of having a complete copy of critical data, safe and secure in a separate location. By installing a small piece of software on your computer or devices, our Backup service sends your data securely, via an internet connection to our state-of-the-art datacentre. Both of our locations are UK based and keep your organisation’s data safe from fire, flood, theft, viruses and user error. Automatic backups can be performed each day, or as many times as you wish. With Vital-telcom Backup you’ll have ultimate peace of mind and will never again need to remember to change tapes or disks!

IT Web Security Solutions

Vital Telcom IT and managed services division now offer an array of Cloud IT services.  Data Encryption, Website Security, Hosting, Design and SEO and Social Media marketing services.

Vitals Managed IT Support experts are here to work with, and become a valued extension of, your internal IT team. We are actively here to support, resolve and assist when you need us, and to remain in the background to proactively monitor and fix your IT systems at the times when you don’t. Our IT managed services team are dedicated to providing the highest service standards and customer care, which we consistently deliver through responsiveness, honesty, flexibility and technical innovation. We achieve high levels of customer satisfaction and aim for beneficial long-term client relationships. We will meet your business needs and deliver the level of support you require at the best value possible!  Also see our DR Blog

IT Web Security Solutions

IT Security.

Don’t leave your company IT Web Security down to luck – our Security & Penetration experts are global experts in cyber security.

Our Penetration testing teams provide advice and assistance to our customers everywhere. If professional expertise and conduct is important talk to us now 0207 048 8821

What penetration services do you need?

Web applications are one of the most common types of software in use today. Due to their complexity and ubiquity, web applications represent a unique challenge to the security posture of any organisation. Modern web applications handle increasingly sensitive data, so it is important to ensure that they do not introduce significant risk to an organisation.