Vital Telcom – 0900 Premium Rate Services.

0900 Premium Rate numbers or PRS services, provide callers fast and easy access to your business information services, at assured levels of quality and reliability, at set prices in accordance with the service. 0900 Premium rate numbers allow you to earn money from the calls that are made to your Premium rate service. Premium rate numbers remove the necessity of invoicing customers, allowing you to take payment directly from the call. We have available 0900 Premium rate numbers which include ‘single drop’ per call charges between 15p and £1.50 per call or per minute charges between 15p and £1.50 per minute.

  • Charging flexibility means your business may choose from a range of per minute rates, enabling you to decide upon the appropriate service charge, service dependant. Choose from 15p to £1.50 per minute PRS numbers.
  • Increase the efficiency (and cost-effectiveness) of marketing campaigns by using 0900 Premium Rate numbers for advertising response capture, competitions and games, horoscopes, help-lines or support services.
  • FREE online billing delivers total flexibility across our numbers; our web portal allows Vital customers to actively monitor and manage their PRS telephone services. Also generate online reports; administer sub accounts and users, in order to create custom invoices.
  • Enquire today, often no set-up charges or monthly rentals, you will be required to complete a regulatory form so we understand your intended usage, before we can allocate and liven any new service.
  • Call recording service also available across our PRS numbers, with no capital outlay, click on our value added services link below for more details.
0900 Premium Rate Numbers

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