DNIS dialled number identification (use DNIS for different Market campaigns) ask us for more information
Hot Desk login – sales staff or staff moving between offices can login to their own extension on designated SNOM handsets
Seamless mirroring of features and voicemails across both nodes
Improved announcement facility and V/M management.
Full Internal CLI on sub and pilot extension management
Withhold your number – option to control/toggle your CLI
No more confusion from sub-extensions, you will see ONLY one Ddi or extension where ever your staff call from (another office or home)
Email to Fax – FAX from your Desktop rather than a fax machine (fax machines no longer required)
Ring back when FREE – ability to press a button and your phone will redial the called party once they have finished the call they are on.
Ring back when BUSY – ability to press a button and your phone will seamlessly connect to your colleague (INTERNAL ONLY).
Realtime recording – ability to assign a button to record any call, can be initiated during or before call is started
Broadcast (Tannoy)
Dial plan Management
Whisper Announce
Attendant Console
DDI access to VM (setup a DDI in DDI management for company to access their VM box from outside)=1
Conference management
Call Rejection
Star feature management:  we revisited our Star (*) features adding many options for activation/deactivation
Company and personal User level control
Remote Worker / Home Worker: allow your staff the flexibility of working at home whether 3 days a week or full time. We have two base models to suit every requirement from corporate homeworkers to Contact-Centre agents with access to your CRM plus all other platforms and more that are available within the office. see the link for more details.

Please note: Vital are still offering the existing SILVER service, thats if you decide not to take advantage of our NEW Gold service. However to ensure you are not charged automatically for GOLD, you must send an email to technicalsupport@vital-tel.com requesting to revert to SILVER service following the two month FREE trial. Please note; due to the current volume of moves & changes requests the Silver service no longer includes either maintenance or moves and changes and we will charge for these services on an hourly basis should you need our help. However there is the choice to manage your own moves & changes without charges, on request we will provide your own Portal, to access your complete Office set-up. Please note; our SILVER service has an 8hr response time for non-service effecting requests. Additionally our SILVER service will continue to operate as efficiently as possible. However service availability cannot be guaranteed, therefore will only be offered on a best endeavours basis only, as all SILVER customers will remain on one Switch node only.