Vital successfully launches Gold Service from the beginning of January to every ‘allin1number’ customer for a FREE two month trial. With DDoS attacks evolving into sophisticated multi-vector attacks at the networks and application layers, any service provider can be depleted of resources very quickly and these attacks generate major service outages. As these attacks which target both bandwidth and network components have become more prevalent, more sophisticated, more devastating Vital have been addressing your concerns and can now provide higher levels of service. We are pleased to announce a successful and seamless January upgrade to our major redesigned allin1number iP Virtual Office or Hosted PBX. Furthermore our new GOLD service has been rolled out as a two month FREE trial for January and February 2016, thats for all Vital customers.

You have been asking for increased levels of support and service, we have listened !
You asked for an all-inclusive remote maintenance and moves and changes service, we have listened !

Vitals’ allin1number iP Virtual Office or IPVO launched a NEW high 99.999% availability GOLD service, which includes all maintenance and moves and changes and an immediate response for service effecting requests. With a 2hr response to non-service affecting requests, our Gold service will be available on all working days from 9-6pm and exclude all UK public holidays.

You asked for a higher availability iPVO; We responded by developing a brand new ‘dual node’ cloud based solution, that not only fulfils the request for the ‘five nines availability’, it offers our clients many more new features and much improved functionality.

With ‘service availability’ becoming so much more important over the last few years, (with the internet becoming a hackers paradise), all of us have been affetced personally or business wise in some shape or form.

Some cloud based PBX have suffered severely from the ever more prevalent Denial of Service ‘DDoS” attacks and similar, which are not only disruptive to your business, they have been ‘up to now’ something completely outside your control.  Not ANYMORE  speak to us today about our greater reliability:

Vital’s newly redesigned allin1number offers our customers a new experience delivering a 99.997% high level service availability. Most importantly this means a seamless DR transition, should there be a switch or network issue (outside your own internet). What does this mean to you “our customers”, well other than losing the call you are on, our mirrored service means an always available presence.  With multiple data-centres hosting our equipment we seamlessly reconnect to a completely different ‘Allin1Number Cloud Platform’ should a DDoS attack or similar prevail.

Furthermore following our engineering team complete BETA testing of the new GOLD dual node system during the last quarter of 2015. We are pleased to announce that all clients will be upgraded to a FREE ‘two month’ Gold service trial during late December 2015. Hereafter, not only will you benefit from the new features, the completed Disaster Recovery suite and the new ‘all-inclusive’ maintenance/moves and changes for FREE during January and February. Thereafter, no further action is required to remain on Vital’s GOLD service. Following the trial period of January and February 2016, standard charges will increase to £10.00 per pilot number per month and £5.00 per sub-extension, that’s it. These new charges keep our pricing below our main competition, yet allow us to increase our service levels and provide the fully inclusive high level service you have been asking for.