Playback – UC Hosted Call Recording

Playback is a new telephony service offering which taps into revenue streams, never before realised. Personal and secure call and communication capture for everyone.Hosted Call Recording - Playback

Playback is for everyone

Playback is a service aimed to improve the daily personal and professional life of anyone that makes calls on their laptop, desk or mobile phone. From project managers that like to keep a record of important conversations, to a husband playing back a call they had with a partner to see what the shopping list was.

Playback Engine

The Playback engine is what powers the service. Once Playback is activated on a user’s phone service, their calls are processed through a stream for up to 3 days. When they decide to keep a call, then a secure audio file is generated which is only available to them.

Kept calls and conversations can be accessed and managed by the user through a white labeled service provided by the service provider or the Hosted Call Recording App. 

Playback_Hosted Call Recording
Hosted Call Recording - playback

Hosted Call Recording App for Playback

The Hosted Call Recording App from allin1number is available on iOS, Android or your allin1number WebPortal, allowing each user to securely and easily access their kept calls and conversations. Hosted Call Recording - Playback

Download the Playback App for iOS or Android today.