Integrate Digital Document Management

We specialise in the integration of document management and scanning services within existing business process, e-Document management delivers the document out of the archive world and into the day-to-day operation of your company.

Our professionals will work with you to choose a service and a platform that works within your business environment. Begin with a Cloud based e-Document management solution, which can be launched with little to no overhead or capital costs.

Our e-document scanning solutions are designed with an array of solutions to eliminate paper from the processes altogether – online forms, EDI and electronic document management can all form a part of a long-term strategy to free your company from the problems and costs associated with traditional document processes.

e-document management solutions

Our e-Document management service includes:

  • Creation of bespoke solutions designed around your business.
  • Document collection and preparation
  • Scanning of your ‘hard copy’ documents
  • Document indexing for easy retrieval
  • Record management and quality control checking

Moving your paper-based document management to digital processes means that you benefit from:

  • Fast access to your information where and when you need it most
  • Reduced risk of error or loss associated with manual processes
  • Easier regulatory compliance through improved access to information
  • Improved environmental policies / paperless work processes

Further benefits:

  • Online access 24/7 to all AP documents via standard web browser.
  • Access via a “punch-out” routine dynamically from any ERP system.
  • Unlimited users including internal staff and suppliers.
  • HMRC compliant, including 7 years storage with instant access.
  • No usage fees. Make unlimited retrievals without adding cost.
  • Search capabilities built in.
  • Powerful reporting capabilities built in.
  • Includes your colour scheme and logos on all web pages.
  • Solutions deployed within 48 hours, no need for H/W or S/W installation.
  • Mirrored servers in separate DC locations – guarantee availability.
  • Invoice Scanning and Archiving: Key Benefits.
  • Efficiency & savings – spend time processing not searching for invoices.
  • Improve productivity – multiple users can view the same document in RT.
  • Improve security and privacy – password and login logins.
  • Invoice redundancy – mirrored multi-site backups – data is never lost.
  • Instant access 24/7 – search any invoice by index number or unique ID.
  • Access is via any standard Web browser.
  • Full Cloud IT Solutions also available upon request.