Vital Telcom Reward Program

Existing Customers; please use the Vital-Telcom referral program to introduce ANY business you know, that may appreciate our services!

First & foremost: All 2018 Customers can be guaranteed savings on their existing Telecoms charges, in addition we can even provide the ‘alllin1number Unified Communications hosted phone system without a *CAPEX budget, so you will be doing your referrals a favour !

A Foundation for Growth, a Formula for Success: allin1number ip PBX

Choose your reward for all successful new business Vital Telcom win from your referrals, refer as many as you like. You may take the 10% discount for your business on a per user basis, so if you refer a business with ten users, you will receive 20% discount for 10 of your users:

Reward 1: your company will receive a 10% discount from your ‘allin1number’ rental charges for the next twelve months (show your boss/ line manager you have saved the Company some money) Rewards are based upon the number of users your referral customer signs up. Also to a maximum of 100% of your allin1number rentals


Reward 2: your company will receive a 20% discount from your ‘allin1number’ rental charges for the next twelve months (show your boss/line manager you have REALLY saved the Company some money). No vouchers available with option 2.

In addition to (Reward 1 only) we will send the individual referring Vital-Telcom a one hundred pounds (£100.00) voucher for every thousand pounds (£1000.00) each successful referral spends with Vital on **month three’s invoice. The vouchers may be chosen from either Virgin Wine, Apex Hotels (You Spa) or Amazon vouchers. Please ensure to complete the form below providing us all details to claim your reward and make sure you don’t miss out. By all means call us too, for that reassurance that we are working on your referral.

Please tell your friends and family & anyone you know about our offer; as we would love to help their businesses too !

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* For zero CAPEX deals, see the Vital PDF – T’s & C’s for full conditions of the offer, PDF always available on our website.

**month two will be deemed to be an average spend and the one off voucher will be calculated from the customers Allin1number rental charge from the month 2 invoice.