AI: Intelligence Modules

Call Recording with AI is a collection of intelligence modules, delivering further innovative products and services. Our intelligent Hosted Call Recording solutions are revolutionising the communications and call recording industry.

Artificial Intelligence

Call Recording Analytics

Call Recording with ‘AI’ allows deep insight into the content of your communications. Key features that provide a host of powerful solutions include Smart Search and Sentiment Analysis. Our UC Hosted Call Recording solutions provide our customers access to their own recordings wherever they are. Choose from our WebPortal, SmartPhone App or our 1st Line support staff to access your recordings. 

Via the our API we provider our users the potential to realise limitless use cases, ask for more details. We are more than happy to uniquely customise usage requests around your exacting business requirements.

Smart Search

With allin1number UC Hosted Call Recording, we provide Smart Search where end users may take advantage of and fully utilise our advance search features to locate any previously made recordings through a series of metrics such as; sentiment, date, location, specific phrases, and many more. Smart Search will work with any call recording made on the allin1number UC suite.

Intelligent Call Recording


Keywords allows organisations to intelligently track specific phrases and keywords on their call recordings. This helps organisations to efficiently sort through recordings and identify certain words as triggers, tag these words to be highlighted on all other and future recordings, and much more.

Additionally, the power of our Hosted Call Recording ‘AI’ is available to users via allin1number  to leverage this content with innovative applications or integrations.


Sentiment automatically identifies speaker’s emotions on recording and provides a snapshot report. Call sentiment is achieved by analysing characteristics of the speaker’s tone of voice, stress levels and speed of speech. Additionally, specific phrases are analysed to harness a comprehensive understanding of the caller’s sentiment.

Artificial Intelligence