What is an International Toll Free Service?

ITFS (International Toll-Free Services) are free phone numbers for businesses requiring a virtual presence in alternative Countries. An ITFS number allows customers to be located in UK, yet to have a Free Phone number and virtual presence in 150 Countries Worldwide.  Each ITFS freephone number set-up in each Country will be unique and different.

Benefits of obtaining an ITFS number
Customers are generally more comfortable calling ITFS numbers because they recognise they are free to call, also via mobiles. Your UK business is able to receive calls from fixed line and mobile networks that originate from international networks, based upon the country in which the ITFS is situated.
Calls to the ITFS number are routed on a high grade intrastructure into our IN network.

An ITFS number answers on your existing phone service, meaning there are no hardware or equipment requirements. ITFS numbers also give your business a professional image.


ITFS numbers offer the following features:

  • intelligent networking; flexible call distribution, including call splaying, call overflow, time of day routing, day of week routing and day of year routing, call blending with auto-attendant, e-Receptionist to answer calls how you would (rather than a Voice Mail)
  • full array of web-based reporting options
  • customised call barring; mobiles, selected callers or areas
  • DNIS or CLI matching for outbound calls via ITFS
  • with Vital Tel allin1number over 50 different features/value added services are available from our cloud
  • customer web-portal for full access to your telephony for complete independent control

If you’re operating a call center with multiple locations, Global Inbound Service is the solution for you. This reliable, feature-rich service is ideal for all your local-to-global-to-local inbound telecommunication needs with access from over 75 countries. By combining the latest network technology with our impressive international reach we can integrate multiple call centers and make dispersed specialists and resources centrally available – helping boost your overall call center productivity.

” Depending on the access method you use, ITFS can give you a ‘local’ presence even if your operations are in another country.”

The fundamental benefit of acquiring an international toll free number for your business is that calls are free for customers, therefore making them more likely to pick up the phone and call you. Ultimately, this influx of calls presents more opportunities for sales.
ITFS numbers are also great because they allow businesses to operate globally without the need for a physical relocation of the company and its operations. With the call forwarding feature, all overseas customers can easily reach you in Australia while comfortably dialing an in-country number. ITFS numbers let you broaden your reach internationally and compete more aggressively with companies already located in countries saturated with your target market. The numbers are also easy to set up.

An ITFS number is an important tool for businesses looking to provide an international presence or provide convenience to customers around the globe, without physically being located in those countries.  A proven method of increasing your trade or satisfying your existing customers, call us today for more information upon how we can deliver an individual and customised experience tailored around your unique business requirements.

Alternatively to discuss your ITFS requirements, please call us on 0207 048 8821. For more information see the following link and learn about : Vital-tel.com