On-premises phone system

Surprisingly, recently investing in an on-premises phone system, does not mean that you cannot benefit from hosted telecoms?

Your on-premises phone system, whether a VoiP ‘PBX’ or traditional on-site PBX, can be integrated with Cloud based architecture.  Whether from utilising the cheaper options of SIP trunking services, or by integrating a more expansive and all encompassing cloud solution for expansion. Cloud providers can expand your existing set-up from integrating complimentary features and services unavailable on traditional ‘on-site’ phone systems, many due to cost.  In addition Cloud upgrades allow expansion of: users and trunks more cost effectively than upgrading your existing on-premises phone system.

on premises phone systems

Like everything else in the world of technology, business communications aren’t easy to keep on top of. There are a vast amount of telephony solutions on the market and choosing the most economical and practical system for your business is a long and gruelling task. This task hasn’t been made any simpler since phone systems have evolved and can now be stored in the cloud, or has it? 

Scalability is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing between traditional on-premises phones systems and hosted PBX systems. If your business is growing exponentially, then you should probably take your system into the cloud, as it’s easy to scale up or down; users, handsets or features when you need to. Like a hosted system, an onsite PBX is great for scaling up users yet its far more expensive. The cloud delivers viability and means your business can add more users when your business grows, in addition you will be able to integrate new sites and homeworker / remote worker solutions, all working together seamlessly as if they were all in one office.

Interesting times ahead…

Whether you are considering a new Business Phone System or looking at options to future proof your recently purchased on-premises phone system, talk to a professional at Vital Telcom and let us steer your business through the maze of communications options.  Our team pride ourselves on the ability to understand our individual customers businesses, only once we have a full and thorough knowledge, will we custom tailor a unique solution, providing your business with a clear differential. Whether you have already invested in an on-site PBX or have insitu a more up to date VoiP on-premises phone system, ask a Vital Telcom expert about our FREE no obligation audit, you might well be surprised at the results, especially at the savings that can be offered with our allin1number cloud communications suite.

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