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allin1number UC suite expanded

New for April we have added for our customers a new style of inclusive daily report, designed to allow our business customers to place metrics behind their call traffic.  Somewhere [...]

allin1number UC suite expanded2018-08-24T17:43:08+01:00

Vital Telcom launch ‘Quick Switch’ DR Solution.

From the allin1number Unified Communications suite we have launched for the month of March 2018 ‘Quick Switch’ (read our blog for more info) available to all existing customers and new, [...]

Vital Telcom launch ‘Quick Switch’ DR Solution.2018-08-24T17:41:10+01:00

Vital introduce ‘SoHo Local Social VoiP numbers’

Vital Telcom now offer a new entry level product for the SoHo (Small Office Home Office) market place.  Designed for the small business or startup company, existing sole traders, or companies seeking [...]

Vital introduce ‘SoHo Local Social VoiP numbers’2018-08-24T17:37:52+01:00

Vital Telcom re-launch ‘allin1Contact-Centre’

Offering our refreshed state-of-the-art future proofed ‘allin1Contact-Centre‘ our hosted solution designed specifically for the Call-Centre and Contact Centre market place. See our ACD working blog The ‘allin1number communications suite’, is Vital Telcom’s [...]

Vital Telcom re-launch ‘allin1Contact-Centre’2018-08-24T17:36:43+01:00

Vital Telcom launch ‘allin1number seats’

Vital Telcom are a leading UK hosted PBX provider, offering the state of the art future proofed ‘allin1number communications suite’, our hosted business phone system with no obsolescence. We are [...]

Vital Telcom launch ‘allin1number seats’2018-08-24T17:34:59+01:00

Redesigned blog now live on SSL.

The Vital blog has been redesigned and updated, please check out our blog site and let us know what you think? You may now visit us securely on blogs.

Redesigned blog now live on SSL.2018-08-24T17:32:27+01:00

allin1Conference now available on https:

The Vital website is now 100% on SSL following the last component; allin1Conference having been succesfully upgraded. See the combined security off SSL in combination with the McAfee certification trustmark displayed on [...]

allin1Conference now available on https:2018-08-24T17:30:01+01:00