Local UK VoIP numbers – or – Your office to your pocket mobile solution

With our Virtual Landline Numbers customers can receive their calls wherever they are.

As not everyone is an A-Z of their town, people look at the prefix of the number as a way of identifying the location of your business service. But what about mobile numbers I hear you ask? Well, bad news for businesses if you are using a mobile number in your advertisement, surveys show that 65% of potential customers are put off by a mobile number as they are seen them as somewhat ‘untrustworthy’ if you are in business you’ve simply got to have a virtual landline number, the cost effective solution; Virtual Business Numbers !

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Local UK VoIP numbers

  • Gain more business, customers TRUST local business numbers
  • Ensure your business landline rings you ANYWHERE you are !
  • Benefit from voicemail to email, fax to email and follow me technology.
  • 500 UK landline + 500 UK mobile minutes included with a second number.
  • Alternatively use an 0800 Freephone number from £5.00 per month.
  • For more information on Non Geograpichal Numbers see our blog
Upgrade to a Virtual Secretary, ‘AKA’ e-Receptionist from £35.00 per month (see * below for offer terms)

Simple and easy quick start;

Click apply now buttons below. Choose from dropdown, add required local codes (e.g 01306, 0208, 01293, 01403, etc).

Virtual Business Numbers | Landline No’s for Small Businesses

£10 / month – Advertise with a LOCAL no. that fwd’s to your mobile

  • Local Social VoiP Numbers; 01403 Horsham, 01306 Dorking, 01483 Guildford, 01293 Crawley, etc
  • Business calls diverted to your mobile 150 inclusive mins . Calls charged hereafter at 4.4ppm
  • Unified Messaging-Voicemail included; daytime message + separate out of hours messages
  • Time of day / Day of the week routing – automatic out of hours message when closed.
  • Whisper announce & Dialled Number Identification Service included
  • Optional e-Receptionist service available upon request
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Voip local numbers
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Add your business number to your Mobile (no App req.)

Vodafone - allin1Mobile  SIM only from £28 / month – Complete office to your pocket 

  • Your business number on your mobile without an App, choose outbound no’s; Office or Mobile
  • allin1Mobile – provides much more than a mobile phone service, your part of allin1number UC Suite
  • We deliver a complete Business Phone System to your Pocket – hunt groups, call recording, unified messaging, 4 digit dialling, out of hours, call queuing, call control policies (black list/white list), add numbers (cheaper than 2nd Mobile/e-SIM)Work Anywhere – Work Smarter – allin1Mobile
  • Don’t miss calls while on the road, if busy we answer for you. See our e-Receptionist
  • allinMobile our Vodafone led SIM that uniquely roam’s to O2 or EE when reception is lost
  • Inclusive calls & text messages – choose from 1GB / 3GB /10GB data allowance per month
* e-receptionist offer applies with subscription of 1 x other product – new customers only.