Efficient Call Routing Delivery

Call routing / Call delivery is guaranteed to improve customer service, designed to provide choices. Starting from basic hunt groups to sophisticated ACD &  IVR options, combine all with our e-Receptionist and every business situation is covered.

Call Routing

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Call Routing/ Call Forwarding means call delivery and as such we also offer from an array of hunt groups to deliver calls across your business; Collective, Sequential, Rotary or ACD for Call Centres.  A mixture of the aforementioned can be used for overflow groups, that may even include remote-workers / homeworkers.

ACD a crucial component

for large companies streamlining the communications process or Contact-Centres. Automatic Call Distribution as a feature is still relatively under utilised despite its proven benefits. Some of these capabilities include:

Please see our blog: Why would my business benefit from ACD Working, we are not a call-centre?Call us for more information on +44 (0) 207 048 8821