Your cloud [bx in the palm of your hand
Today, our mobile devices provide us with access to a world of information at our fingertips.

In our personal lives our phones and tablets make it easy for us to be reached almost anywhere at any time. Vital’s cloud technology has introduced an enhanced level of mobility to business communications. The allin1number communications suite unveiled an updated app that fully encompasses what it means to have the world within our reach: Bria Stretto Virtual Office Smartphone App.

Bria Stretto Virtual Office Smartphone App

Our new added Stretto Virtual Office app enables users to harness the power of the allin1number Communications Suite. Employees at SME, Corporate & Contact Centres can now easily manage their business communications from virtually anywhere with access to personal and business contacts, even the Office CRM.

Mobile app users today expect a seamless, integrated, all-in-one experience. So Vital has packed every necessary feature into the app, such as telephony, messaging, presence, screen sharing, Conference set-up, meetings and access  there’s no further need to download multiple apps for communication and collaboration. For administrators there is access direct to the allin1number Portal for all moves & changes and routing requirements, for Managers direct access to their reports and for all Bria Stretto users access directly to Vital Telcom’s fault management ticketing system.

We listened closely to our customer feedback.  Vital Telcom have reorganized the customer interface, not just for a more elegant, modern app experience, but for an all around improved user experience. The reorganized user interface puts every feature where allin1number clients need and expect them. Designed to provide customers with a simple platform with single access to all the communications tools the modern business will ever require, allin1number communications suite is the first choice for business communications.

In addition to the comprehensive interface that integrates communications, collaboration and messaging presence, etc into a single app, Virtual Office Mobile supports:

HD VoIP over 3G/4G/Wi-Fi with seamless handover and operation across all network typeshosted PBX with Bria Stretto

  • allin1number offers virtual office meetings with audio, video, screen sharing and messaging & presence.
  • Quick access to business contacts through PBX Directory
  • Industry-leading voice quality even under poor data network conditions
  • The Stretto Virtual Office apps are now available worldwide for both Android and iOS devices

Ensuring smartphones offer allin1number business customers a complete ‘office in the palm of your hand’, the allin1number cloud communication suite is designed to take your Office with you, ensuring Vital Telecom customers are prepared for business wherever they are.

For more information on how your business can benefit from Cloud technology, contact the allin1number team and talk to an expert today; +44 207 048 8821.