e-Receptionist – virtual office

Virtual Office?

Why should your business even consider an e-Receptionist?  Here are a few facts:

Consider a Virtual office e-Receptionist

Most new business arrives via the telephone
20% of all new business is lost due to unanswered phones
75% won’t call back if engaged
70% hang up if they reach a voicemail
Even if you have a receptionist, having insufficient ‘spare’ cover for multiple calls coming in at the same time, tea breaks, lunch breaks, holidays and sickness is potentially lost business.

How can we help you?

Don’t let technology de-personalise your business, no matter what size your Company is!

Your Virtual office e-Receptionist telephone answering service will sound no different to callers, it’s as if they really were sitting at one of your desks. No-one expects the receptionist to know everything, but we guarantee to supply our e-Receptionistanswering service provider with just the tools and information to become a professional virtual member of your team.

Examples could be some directions for a lost client, a web link to your website or your fax number. It is, however, a balance. We stopped people writing essays on screen for their Virtual office e-Receptionist, as too much information means they end up reading not communicating. Together we can get the balance right.

Most of the time, a simple message is all that is required but sometimes you will need more, so we have the facility to deal with different requirements for different businesses. This is a summary of the information that we are able to collect or give to you via our systems:

Information we are able to collect on your behalf:

  • Name and address (using postcode software for accuracy)
  • Phone number and email address
  • Up to 4 specific questions (for example ‘where did you hear about us?)
  • The details that you wish to disclose (contact details, fax email address, website)
  • Additional information that you think could be helpful (e.g. directions to your premises)

Information available to you:

  • Details of messages in the back office including time and date.
  • Recent history by date range.
  • Access to your Account Control Panel enables you to keep information updated – e.g. your daily instructions
  • Summary of where / who you want the emails / messages to be sent to – by individual / department etc / SMS or email or both.
  • Whether you want calls transferred or not
  • Ability to edit any of your information


A common theme within the SME businesses, is the likelihood to have at some time received complaints from customers about the inability to contact you or someone at the office when needed. In all honesty the problem is quite common within most companies, no matter their size. When a customer or supplier is frustrated that they are unable to reach someone that can listen, business can be lost quite quickly. Research has shown that the majority of people trying to get in touch are not willing to leave a message on a voicemail, which means that companies are losing business.

With this aforementioned in mind, the allin1number e-Receptionist is the solution for small businesses and large. Providing telephone answering services ensure your business has a constant link to the outside world seven days a week, 365 days a year if necessary.

How much are your missed calls costing your business?

  • 30% of all ‘new’ business deals are made over the phone and 75% of callers will not ring back if they can’t speak to someone – is your business missing out on valuable opportunities?
  • Finding the ‘right’ partner that you can trust will free up your time ensuring you can concentrate on running your business and increasing your profitability.

Consider what is most important?

  • Confidence – the only telephone answering service with a unique call answering ‘accuracy’ guarantee – or we pay you!
  • Live call answering statistics displayed on line – total transparency
  • Open 24/7 which means you too are ‘open’ 24/7
  • Simple, fair and easy to understand competitive pricing
  • Small professional teams who get to know you and your clients – as if they were a receptionist actually sitting in your office
  • Years of experience – our clients include some large corporate clients, as well as over 500 SMEs and sole traders
  • Convenient and Easy to use – your messages are sent instantly by email and SMS. You can check messages on line, any time from anywhere in the world
  • Quality Control and rewards that are based on your feedback – our unique ‘Rate this Message’ enables you to give feedback on every single message to help us continually strive for excellence.

Virtual Office/e-Receptionist are quite beneficial for all businesses.

Alternatively to discuss your e-Receptionist requirements, please call us on 0207 048 8821. For more information see the following link and learn about : Vital-tel.com