Virtual Office Services

Virtual Office e-Receptionist Services and Your Business

There are many reasons why a company would be interested in using Virtual office or an e-Receptionist service. The first and most obvious reason is that outsourcing your your call handling, removes some pressure from the everyday running of your company. Perhaps you are a new business, needing some support? By using a virtual PA, you will be able to present a professional front to your business from the outset, as the people who are contacting you will automatically assume that the virtual receptionist is actually sitting in your office.  e-Receptionist however is not just for smaller businesses.  Perhaps your Directors need a PA or personal receptionist to take messages rather than leaving their calls to find unloved voicemail boxes. This small change personalises your business and certainly conveys a professional Company image to customers and suppliers.  Alternatively, if your Company already has a receptionist, have you considered e-Receptionist for back-up or overflow support.  Supporting busy periods, sickness or just lunchtimes or annual leave, e-Receptionist is the perfect back-up or overflow support for any size business.

The aforementioned are the primary reasons for using a Virtual Receptionist, but there are many others which make a virtual PA more attractive than taking on full time staff to deal with inbound call handling. Think for a moment about the amount of calls your company faces each working day. With the best will in the world, there will be times when most businesses have to allow the calls to go to voicemail, which means that potential customers will be faced the dilemma of whether to even leave a message, which could well mean lost business.

When your Company chooses to use a virtual e-Receptioniste-Receptionist, your customers will be guaranteed to speak to a person at the end of the line, answering calls in a professional manner (as if they actually worked inside your business), 24 hours a day, 365 days a year if necessary. This becomes a major issue if you are dealing with international clients who will want to call you after five PM and before nine AM, so with a virtual receptionist, you can be assured that any international calls are taken care of by the virtual PA or e-Receptionist.  Your e-Receptionist will know everyone within your Company and be able to send them a message once they receive a call, they will have a basic knowledge of your business just as a receptionist would.

The idea of using a virtual receptionist or virtual PA began more than ten years ago and since when there has been a major transformation in the way businesses operate. These days many companies are beginning to realise the benefits of using another organisation to look after inbound call handling and other virtual office services makes total sense. Call it what you want, a move to cut costs or a desire among enterprising people to begin their own business, virtual office services have carved out a niche for themselves, and it seems they are here to stay.

The Vital Telcom virtual office services cover more than a virtual PA and inbound call handling. They can include services like data entry, handling software issues, content creation, social media, internet marketing, IT related issues, medical transcription and even aspects of law. Whichever area of virtual office services you are interested in, get in touch with the experts.

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