UIFN or ITFS numbers

“Should we choose a UIFN or ITFS number and how do they differ?”

UIFN or ITFS; ITFS is an abbreviation of International Toll Free Service. What is an ITFS number? An International Toll Free Service number is the international equivalent of a UK 0800 number, allowing a customer to call a business and have the business pay for the call. Allowing your customers to call your business for FREE is a proven marketing concept, realising 180% increase in call volumes. With ITFS, your customers in Germany can make FREE calls that are able to be terminated in the UK or anywhere globally from IRO another 150 Counties. The ITFS numbers will vary country by country, as opposed to a UIFN service, where the numbers remain the same, with some minor variations in a few Countries to the international dialling prefix.

0800 Numbers from £5.00 per month
0800 Numbers £5.00 per month

UIFN is an acronym for Universal Free Phone Number whereby businesses can advertise a single number that can be accessed from multiple countries Worldwide. Which number makes more sense really depends on each customer’s business requirements. UIFN’s are not available from as many countries as ITFS numbers.  In addition are subject to a ITU registration fee.

UIFN services provide huge benefits for businesses looking to for an international presence without the overheads of a physical location. However they as you will have read above both are very different, so it’s important to be clear.  At Vital Telcom providing our customers with the most appropriate type of business freephone number is our priority.  Used correctly either an ITFS or UIFN service will greatly to assist drive in prospects to your business. However, if the question you are juggling with is whether an ITFS (international toll free service number) or a UIFN (universal international freephone number) is more ideal, then you are at least on the right track. Understanding the value of such a number—a number allowing your prospective customers to reach you anywhere in the world at no cost to them—is the first step. Now on to the tricky part—how do you know which of these phone numbers would serve your business better, not to mention more effectively?

Before that question can be answered, let’s address the differences between UIFN or ITFS numbers.

Universal International Freephone Numbers

How UIFN or ITFS numbers Compare

ITFS—International Toll Free Services operate in the same manner as a UK 0800 or 0808 free phone number. Calls made by your customers are at no cost to them, instead your business  pays for your customers calls. Additionally, ITFS numbers in one country can be forwarded to another, conveniently placing your business in the running with the other, local businesses.  If you only need toll-free access from one country, use an ITFS number and save yourself the universal registration fee. If you are displaying the numbers on your corporate web site and can provide a drop down box for countries and corresponding toll free numbers,

UIFN or ITFS numbers consist of a prefix then +800 then 8 digits. An example would be the UK which has a prefix of 00 or + so a UIFN number as dialed from the UK would be +800 XXXX XXXX. UIFN—Universal international freephone numbers works like a “free phone number” but one number is all thats needed across multiple countries. UIFN’s are great when you are doing business in many countries and want to get the most out of your advertising budget, also for the convenience to market your business products and service or the complete business under one number. Be aware that UIFNs are not available for as many countries as ITFS numbers.  Both forms of numbers will benefit your business ensuring customers abroad are more comfortable in approaching your company versus your competitors that don’t make calling as simple and free. With the minor variations, it is important to realise, both serve business well in slightly different ways dependent on your requirements.