The benefits of Hosted Call Recording are now available on demand. Once only provided as an always-on service deployed for regulatory compliance or contact centres, now businesses can choose from a range of call recording plans and capture their calls at the touch of a button.

This year ‘2020’ is set to be a year of further digital transformation, as more organisations take their first steps into the cloud and begin to reap the benefits. Looking to the future of communication, phone calls will retain their value and advances in speech intelligence technology will allow businesses to unlock their priceless data.

How to record your calls

A move to the Cloud or Hosted Call Recording Offering means a move away from being tied down: either to investment, to storage plans, to bulky equipment. Cloud call recording as a service allows organisations of any size to capture their conversations at an affordable cost. With no on-premise equipment required, a Hosted Call Recording Offering can not only be deployed rapidly, but can also be installed without the need for CapEx.

Always on

Always on records all calls, directly from the network. Perfect for regulatory compliance, or for large businesses that want to record calls for training purposes.  With our Hosted Call Recording Offing team hierarchies can be established, making calls accessible only to admins, supervisors, and the individual users who made the calls.

On demand

On-demand recording is a user-initiated service that only records selected calls. The user can decide to record a conversation before or during a call using a function on their desktop or handset. Recorded calls are stored in the same way as other team members and have a hierarchy of access permissions. Each individual user only has access to their own calls, while supervisor and admin permissions grant access to the calls of an entire team.


Specially designed for individuals, Playback gives users the gift of hindsight with the option to save a record of their calls for up to three days after the call has been made. They can then access them through their own private dashboard using a web, mobile, or deskphone app.

Artificial Intelligence – AI

AI transforms everyday phone calls into valuable data assets for both businesses and individuals. With our comprehensive suite of speech intelligence modules, Artificial Intelligence or AI lets users unlock the insights held within the data of voice calls through its key features: Smart Search, Keywords, and Sentiment. Businesses using a Hosted Call Recording Offering can examine their customer communications to increase their understanding of their interactions and discover areas of potential improvement. See MiFID II Blog

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