Smartphone in the cloud

Smartphone in the cloud; Frequent business travellers using mobiles abroad, will be very aware of how roaming charges have changed in Europe, yet not fast enough for most of us.  Furthermore while travelling in Europe your business will no longer be suffering from outrageous roaming costs, yet for global travellers thats still another matter.  However Europhiles don’t think your safe !  As we still have to pass through BREXIT, remember the June 2017 roaming agreement is an EU directive?


The good news is there are alternative solutions as smartphone in the cloud to control costs and retain communications for Global travellers and Brit’s with European business, especially relevant as the advantages of the directive may well be lost post Brexit.  With a smartphone app however, the provision of Network function Virtualisation or ‘NFV’ utilised correctly solves your issues. While NFV is a model other cloud telecoms providers are still  struggling with, we utilise where required without overcomplicating the model.  Bearing in mind  for Telco’s, decades of development and centralising signalling controllers that scale, load balance and provide 99.999% reliability within core networks, all run against the core NFV values.

Vital Telcom have introduced an NFV model that connects and operates in harmony with the core network.  A key factor is not to fall into the trap of “over virtualisation”.  Many are trying to virtualise functions that do not fit and realistically don’t even need virtualisation, overcomplicating the proposition.  The allin1number communications suite however, benefits from a different stance and ensures the likes of your mobile smartphone in the cloud to adopt the same key features of your office phone system.  Providing dynamically orchestrated fully virtualised network functions where they are of key benefit and relevant.  Roaming is a starting point, while abroad utilizing your smartphone with the full benefit of your office phone system embedded is most powerful. Answer or make calls from Ddi numbers, forward or transfer calls internally for FREE to a colleague or secretary, from anywhere globally.  Keep in communication via  HD Voice, Video, group messaging/chat or email.  Keep unto date customer information from integrated CRM apps as salesforce on your smartphone.  Alternatively, all of the same can be used in the UK for key functionality outside the office, or even with the popular, bring your own device (BYOD) to work basis.  A smartphone in the cloud  provides employees with the full and powerful communications features of a complete office phone system communications suite, however in the palm of their hand.

With secure free HD calls between smartphone in the cloud and your offices, business customers gain the efficiency and effectiveness of richer, clearer HD communications.  With advanced audio technology your app will automatically adapt its bandwidth requirement, simultaneously reducing the conversation latency, even in a poor network environment. The ability to make and receive VoIP calls over Wi-Fi or 3G/4G and swap between the mobile network & WiFi without losing a call.   Control your telecoms costs with our Bria mobile app.

  • Four digit FREE internal extension dialling from anywhere globally
  • FREE 4 digit access to Vital Support from anywhere globally
  • Call the UK while abroad, as cost effectively as if within your UK Office
  • Internal FREE secure messenger between colleagues globally
  • Access your V/M from abroad, without exorbitant mobile charges
  • Make and receive VoIP calls over Wi-Fi, even while travelling internationally, or over 3G/4G without using your carrier minutes.
  • Reply with a predefined or personal text-to-speech message, or send callers to voicemail without interrupting the current call.
  • Prevent unauthorised interception of audio streams with secure voice.
  • Never drop an important call with automatic call handoff.

Delivers Carrier-Grade Network Availability
NFV is a highly available, multi-tenancy platform that has been tuned for service provider requirements. With optimised resource management and prioritisation of resources based on your workloads, NFV ensures top performance, scalability and high resiliency for your critical network services.

Streamlines Operations Management and Analytics NFV delivers a single pane of glass with 360 degree visibility and monitoring of your platform along with predictive analytics and logging insights to give you greater control of your network. With policy based automation, you can streamline key network processes and allocate and provision VM resources to rapidly provision and deploy VNFs.

Includes Advanced Networking and Security NFV embeds networking and security functionality and provides a complete set of logical networking elements and services including switching, routing, QoS and monitoring that can be programmatically provisioned and managed. Networks and VNFs are secure from any outside threats with automated, fine grained policies tied to the virtual machines.

Lets us Automate and Orchestrate Networks
NFV provides a Virtualised Infrastructure Manager (VIM) that controls and manages the NFVI compute, storage and network resources. You can automate and orchestrate your network infrastructure without worrying about the underlying physical configuration of resources. As a result, you can accelerate and simplify resource provisioning and launch new services faster.The message is simple, NFV is taken care of by Vital, added into our telecoms network for your business to benefit from further security, advanced features, Carrier Grade Service plus more for all business customers.

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