Business SmartPhone Communications

  • Maximise user productivity
  • Extend Unified Communications to mobiles
  • Adopt “Mobile First” communications strategy
  • Align mobile user communications with corporate workflow

Enterprise Mobile UC solutions from Vital Telcom boost user productivity while reducing costs and guaranteeing mobile policy compliance.

Vital solutions are available via cloud services; see allin1Mobile our  lead multi UK network SIM solution, alternatively as via our Cloud convergence UC suite; allin1number

When you make all the features of your business communications system available on your users’ mobile phones, you empower them to work effectively wherever they are.

  • Leverage your current UC/PBX platforms to extend communications you control to any mobile device
  • Integrate UC seamlessly into enterprise application workflows
  • Unlock the power of mobility and BYOD with your current UC infrastructure while maintaining communications compliance with recording and logging requirements
  • Adopt a “mobile first” strategy to retire desk phones without sacrificing UC features – business mobile
  • Enable mobile devices to become central to your Business Continuity plan for uninterrupted communications during outages
  • Features on mobiles include: Identity Management; Presence; 4 digit In-office Dialling; Do not disturb; Call Transfer; Conference; Find me Follow me plus much more.
  • Enforce least-cost routing for user communications to slash fees for roaming or international calls
  • Simply manage and enforce dual identities on user communications without intrusive or hard to manage device changes.

Regardless of the PBX or UC platform your businesses users with allin1Mobile can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively, and tailored around your exacting business needs. From small companies to multinational enterprises, allin1Mobile offers a great leap in productivity and cost-effectiveness.

smartphone evolution

Companies around the world use Vital Telcom to adopt mobile UC to:

  • Operate distributed call centers and high-availability customer relations
  • Maximise user reachability for faster decision-making and response times, for strong competitive advantages
  • Integrate remote workers into the enterprise workflow, such as CRM, ERP, customer support, inventory and others, for maximum productivity and workflow analytics
Vital’s allin1Mobile SIM’s offer Mobile Unified Communications solutions powered by allin1Cloud, enabling the adoption of best practices for businesses supporting a distributed workforce.

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