The GROW coaching Framework

The Vital Team realise allin1Contact-Centre solves many of the technology challenges call centres face, however we must not forget the importance of coaching

However we also recognise as importantly our customers need to receive the proper guidance and to understand the importance of coaching, in order to convey the underlying message that employees are an equally important part of the whole solution.

The team really matters, and at Vital Telcom we don’t forget this.  When an agents feels valued, their motivation to contribute and their perspective on the company dramatically changes. Because of this, a small investment of time can have exponential effects on decreasing turnover rate and increasing productivity and most importantly customer satisfaction.  To this end, please find below examples of coaching frameworks that you may want to consider to ensure your Contact-Centre excels.

Investing in the development of personnel can help you improve the ROI of each and every hire, and each and every customer interaction. Whether training new employees or developing existing ones. The GROW Model is a simple yet powerful framework for structuring your coaching or mentoring sessions

The GROW coaching Framework

Goals to be established

First make sure that the chosen Goal is a SMART goal: one that is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-bound. Its important to identify one to three Goals to focus upon.  Ideally agree all of the goals for the coaching program, before starting, the goals should also fit with the overall career objectives? And or the team’s objectives.

Reality must next be considered

Considerations such as challenges, mindset, limited beliefs, whats happening within the environment. This is an important step. Too often, people try to solve a problem or reach a goal without fully considering their starting point, and often they’re missing some information that they need in order to reach their goal effectively.

Options need to be explored

Once you and your team member have explored the current reality, it’s time to determine what is possible – meaning all of the possible options for reaching her objective.Help your team member brainstorm as many good options as possible. Then, discuss these and help the coachee decide on the best ones.

What will you do? Establish the Will?

By examining the current reality and exploring the options, your team member will now have a good idea of how he can achieve his goal.  That’s great – but in itself, this may not be enough. The final step is to get your team member to commit to specific actions in order to move forward towards his goal. In doing this, you will help him establish his will and boost his motivation.

Alternatively it is helpful to use the SAFE method when coaching them.

The SAFE Coaching Framework

Summarise observed behavior(s)
First, identify one or two behaviors to focus on. Attempting to squeeze too many behaviors into one session can confuse employees, resulting in them not learning anything at all. To prevent this, examine one or two with the agent that represent coaching opportunities or reinforcement of strengths.

Ask for input
Sometimes reminders and praise do not facilitate a 2-way dialogue. However, actively engaging agents in performance management sessions will help clarify root coachingissues and will increase a sense of ownership in achieving desired outcomes.

Formulate a plan
Based on the behavior to be continued or corrected, the coach should propose a plan of action that is specific and measurable. To facilitate the process, the coach should ensure that the agent has fully grasped the specific actions to take and has the necessary tools to implement the ideas.

Effective coaching can help maximize employee potential and significantly improve contact centre effectiveness.  For more information on Coaching or the possibilities your business can achieve we have partnered with the experts;  The inspired Experiences team ensure the state of the art technology that the ‘allin1number communication suite’ provides, is complimented with leadership development, and team development coaching ensures your team performance is optimised. Express thanks
Regardless of the agent’s success in meeting expectations, the coach should express gratitude for the agent’s efforts.This can serve as a powerful motivator for the agent to continue improving even without an overseer checking on progress.

Whether your business needs Cloud technology assistance or coaching for your team, we can assist.

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