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Small business customers are no longer bound by traditional area code numbering rules.

Growing SoHo business, enquire about upgrading to our Cloud PBX

Meaning its time to consider choosing a SoHo Local Social number, a virtual VoiP number allows you or your business to advertise locally with any UK area code you desire. Target the businesses locally around the STD code you choose to advertise within.  You may even set up your website to compliment and change the local number appropriately based upon the search parameters entered. Ask us for more information about our partnering website developers who will work the magic for you. Basically, virtual VoiP numbers are a great option for any small business requiring landline phone numbers. Meaning they are proven to attract local  business in the areas you may be targeting, as opposed to advertising with a mobile number. But what’s wrong with a mobile number I hear you ask?  Well the bad news for small businesses, if you are using a mobile number in your advertisement, surveys show us that 65% of potential customers are put off by mobile numbers, not only are they viewed as ‘untrustworthy’ also there is no relationship to the area people live.  So if you are running a small local business or providing local services to your comity and your using a mobile, your missing out on your potential.  You’ve simply got to reconsider your options and apply for a virtual landline number! Alternatively read up about 0800 free phone numbers.

For more information see our web page; Local Social VoiP Numbers.

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