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Over the past five years remote worker’s as the cloud and mobility in business becomes more widely adopted, there has been a significant rise in remote workers or working from home in the UK.  Studies show a rise to as much of 50% of business people work remotely from their Offices, either full or part-time. A major component of the change is todays technology. A few years ago employees seeking to take advantage of flexible working, had to rely on inadequate broadband in conjunction with their Company VPN. Both of which never aided VoIP PBX’s, especially before QoS routers were more economical to purchase, instead the alternative was to install a separate telephone line for a remote worker with CPS.
This has now all changed, not only becoming much simpler, the only real obstacle to remote working or working from home lies in the trust between businesses and their employees, more of a cultural challenge than technical. Some companies simply won’t allow home working,  believing employees to be less productive, or often that the camaraderie and team spirit of an office to be more healthy and therefore productive.

However research has now proven home workers can even be more productive than their office-based colleagues.

Research Supports Remote Workerremote worker importanceImage source: CBI

Backing this claim of change is a study carried out by Stanford researchers who found that employees who work from home, some of the time, are happier in their role, less likely to leave their company and overall more productive.

The study followed call centre employees who were allowed to work from home for 9 months. It found that not only did the call centre company save revenue on space and office furnishings, but those working from home:

  • Made 13.5% more calls
  • Worked longer hours
  •  Had fewer sick days

Furthermore, churn of employees was down in 50% in some areas.

“One-third of the productivity increase, we think, was due to having a quieter environment, which makes it easier to process calls,”

“At home, people don’t experience what we call the ‘cake in the break room’ effect. Offices are actually incredibly distracting places.”

Bloom, N. Professor of Economics, Stanford

Flexible remote Worker  

With this in mind, it can now be argued that the progress in technology in conjunction with the UK’s roll-out of FTTC broadband, its almost possible for any business to allow workers to carry out their jobs at home. It has been proven much that it is much healthier for remote workers to come into the office a couple of days a week. This offsets the team working and any other benefits missed whilst remote workers / home workers including team meetings as well as all social aspects of being in an office environment.

remote worker

In order to enable successful remote working for any business, it’s necessary to organise and select the correct tools for the job. These tools will probably already be available via the office VPN, however should the business need  to invest in more up-to-date technology, this can now be carried out extremely economically.

Cloud PBX Communication Suite and Home Working

For businesses that want to facilitate remote working and the benefits that it affords, the cloud is the answer.  Its possible to execute and complete a migration to a hosted PBX and actually reduce your office overheads.  Further more a hosted communication solution from the right provider, offers complete protection and business wide future proofing against obsolescence. Cloud phone systems offer many other key benefits such as boosting your employee productivity via IT & Telecoms efficiencies.  Hosted solutions provide the tools to ensure customers are more connected and productivity is optimised.

  • Key benefits for the remote worker of cloud PBX’s:

    • Reduced costs of Ownership
    • Flexibility, Expandability & Mobility – accommodating Voice, Video & Messaging.
    • Unified Communications, delivering real-time communication capabilities without CAPEX expenditure, all available on a pay-as-you-go model.
    • Removing the need of ANY on-site Phone System. The allin1number cloud provides a fully integrated communications suite for SME, Corporate’s & Contact Centres alike. With full design flexibility starting from three allin1number base models, to scale up and down from.
    • Improved levels of Customer Service, continually introduced new features, no-obsolesence.
    • Web-conferencing facility (intuitive easy access conference facilty).
    • Time management & efficiency from our simple “moves & changes” portal, whether you have a single office or multi-site environment; web self-care allows access to our ever-growing portfolio of features.
    • Find-me-follow-me technology e.g. reach a person, at home, the office, or their mobile from a single phone call, internally just 4 digits.  Make calls from your Ddi, yet on your mobile, with our Bria mobile app.
    • Improved productivity through superior reliability combined with advanced features.
    • In built Disaster Recovery, providing guaranteed business continuity.
    • You don’t need a full time receptionist with e-Receptionist.  Your outsourced  PA will know your staff and Company as if they resided within your office, handling calls your way.

These are just a few of the functions you’ll generally find in a best-in-class hosted PBX system. When it comes to home workers, they may part time or full time workers, as the Cloud PBX will accommodate employees from all types of businesses SME, Corporate and Contact Centre remote workers alike.

Your Culture

Flexible and remote worker success, as mentioned above, is very much reliant upon the culture of a company. Bear in mind, businesses that do not trust employees to work independently, can foster the wrong culture creating malcontent workers and will certainly lower productivity.  Research demonstrates a happy workforce will mean less staff turnover,  improved productivity, increased customer satisfaction, which all lead to improved profits for your business.

Consider the cultural benefits of allowing remote working and offering employees the tools to effectively and more productively carry out their jobs with hosted PBX. For more information see the following link: Vital-tel.com