SoHo Business Solutions

Setting up a Small Office Home Office is not as difficult to get started as you may have imagined. If you have a new business idea and need to work from home, yet still need to collaborate, then a SoHo solution is for you.

However if you find even Small Office Home Office business communications a minefield, help is at hand.  Of course remote working is not just for small Companies, the same rules apply to all homeworkers.  Technology can be a small business owners best friend, or worst nightmare. However it’s always best to start with the three core elements as below.

Small Office Home Office advice;

1/ Find the right Communications Company.

2/ Choose the right tech. Ensure to choose a Company with an array of Home Worker / Remote Working Solutions.

3/ Look for simplicity – cost effective plans and help desk support.

Vital Telcom provides a full array of Small Office Home Office components your business can choose from, starting with basic telephony and mobile solutions through to IT managed services and security. We understand the unique challenges SoHo users face, see below the Vital Telcom range of range of SoHo solutions;

SoHo Local – a Local Business number forwarded to your Mobile; £10.00 / month.  
See SoHo Solutions, choose a local number over your mobile, 65% of consumers will always ring Local Landlines as opposed to mobile numbers.


allin1Mobile – Vodafone SIM roams to 02 or EE. Office to your pocket; £26.00 / month.  
Send and receive with both your office and mobile numbers (toggle between both), without an App. Inclusive calls and text; choose from 1Mb/3Mb/10Mb of data per month. 

 – Inclusive Calls and Text’s may be recorded and stored for 5-7 years, GDPR & MiFiD Compliant add-on.
– Seamlessly port your existing mobile number.
– Add multiple Landline/Mobile numbers FAR cheaper than a second SIM (eSIM)
– allin1Mobile provides FREE inbuilt Disaster Recovery for your business

Hosted SoftPhone – (email, collaboration, instant messaging) via our Bria Stretto SoftPhone and DeCT headsets.

Hosted back up – included for resilience, Disaster Recovery inbuilt.

IT solutions – Managed Services, see also; Managed Security.

Future Proof Solutions – Take confidence your business may grow without concern of outgrowing our infrastructure, as all our components grow with you. Yes with Cloud you may seamlessly upgrade however large your business grows, see our; allin1number Hosted Unified Communications Suite for more information. With a good Hosted provider your business has no maintenance costs, no need for additional lines, inbuilt DR and the allin1number hosted phone system has no obsolescence as we keep developing.

For efficiency, we use a simple formula that works: Design, Protect, Optimise.

  1. Design the system to effectively deliver your objectives.
  2. Protect the tech and the company security from properly applied best practices.
  3. Optimise all systems to run as efficiently as possible.

For more information or assistance call a Vital Telcom specialist today 020 7048 8821, alternatively use the link to see more Value Added Services.