OPEX only hosted call recording

OPEX only hosted call recording is the Vital Telcom way;

The Vital Telcom OPEX only hosted call recording facility enables organisations to record calls without the need to install and maintain expensive on premises equipment. The OPEX service captures the call made to and from any business in our telephony network and securely stores calls on the customer’s behalf for retrieval at their convenience.

opex hosted call recording
This service can be customised to best suit the operational requirements of any organisation and there are various billing options available to provide users with the best value package. Because this is a ‘usage’ based ‘pay-as-you-go’ service, organisations will only pay for what they use, when they use it.Calls are securely stored on-line and can be accessed at any time via a web browser from a PC/MAC or Smartphone.  We operate a MiFID II compliant service retaining records for the required period, even automatically deleting at the end of the nominated retention period. If recordings need to be kept for longer periods these can be archived remotely and stored long term via our SAN facility or alternatively at a secure location of the customer’s choice, if preferred.

The OPEX service ensures calls can be recorded from any telephone, anywhere andHosted Call Recording that includes landline calls, mobile to mobile calls, mobile to landline calls and
VoIP calls.

We provide hosted call recording solutions that comply with current legislation and provide QUALITY monitoring. Call a Vital Telcom expert on 0207 048 8821 for further advice and information.