If you are a financial services business, executing mostly loans and or trading over the phone, this new legislation applies to your business;

The new MIFID II regulation means that your business now has to record every call it makes! We help your plight by adding Mobile call recording to your inventory.  Internal teams often use a mixture of both mobiles and landlines, so all this red tape is a headache your business could do without?

allin1MobileEspecially as you are all really busy, so we don’t want to waste time learning to use a new system. If you already use allin1number hosted Call recording, mobile and SMS recording are simple add-ons !

You also definitely won’t want to change phone numbers because that’s how your customers stay in touch.

allin1Mobile solves all the above problems of mobile call recording and more, recording everything automatically.

allin1Mobile Call Recording is our Cloud based solution that records every mobile and landline call you make without any user intervention. We can even capture record all text messages too.

Storage is also painless, login and access all your recorded calls easily without needing any additional equipment or storage – so you’ll be fully compliant, with no fuss.

allin1Mobile makes call recording; easy, seamless and invisible for you. It simply works, assisting to keep our financial services business customers compliant.

allin1Mobile …Work Anywhere. Work Together. Work Smarter.

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