ITFS for Mobile

ITFS numbers now available directly on your mobile. Make and receive calls from your 0800, gain that ever important Global presence. An 0800, UIFN, or an ITFS number from Vital Telcom is able to be delivered to your Smartphone as part of your allin1Mobile SIM service.

A toll-free telephone number phone service is available from multiple different Countries worldwide. For the calling party, a call to a toll-free number is free of charge. allin1Mobile SIM’s uniquely offer our business customers the ability to add their ITFS numbers to their smartphones.  Answer and make calls from your ITFS number and gain your business a virtual presence.  Choose from over 150 countries worldwide.

An International Toll Free Service (ITFS) number allows you within the UK or Europe to utilise an 0800/ ITFS number to advertise your business services from any 150 overseas territories. The toll-free number dialled in the overseas country is in the toll-free format for that country. For example, a number dialled in Germany is in the format 0800 XXX XXX, while in Hong Kong, the number format is 800 XX XXXX. With a Vital Telcom allin1Mobile ITFS number our customers have inbuilt Disaster Recovery too.

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Benefits of obtaining an ITFS number
Customers are generally more comfortable calling ITFS numbers because customers recognise them as free to call. Your business is able to receive calls from fixed line and mobile networks that originate from international networks and therefore grow your business without the overheads of scaling up to operate within the many countries in which the ITFS are available. Calls to the ITFS number are routed to your UK or European offices or as part of our allin1Mobile – Vodafone SIM package. 

An ITFS number answers on your existing phone service, meaning there are no hardware or equipment requirements. ITFS numbers also give your business a professional image and virtual presence cost effectively

ITFS numbers offer the following features:
web-analytics / reporting
• customised call barring of mobiles, selected callers or calling areas
• flexible call distribution, including call splaying, call overflow, time of day routing, day of week routing and day of year routing, voicemail, time of day messages, e-Receptionist (multiple language support).
allin1Mobile full IN support (plus toggle between numbers for outgoing calls).

The fundamental benefit of acquiring an international toll free number for your business is that calls are free for your prospects and customers, therefore making them more likely to pick up the phone and call you. Ultimately, this presents more opportunities for sales, ITFS numbers are also great because they allow businesses to operate globally without the need for a physical relocation of the company and its operations. With the call forwarding feature, all overseas customers can easily reach you in the UK while comfortably dialling an in-country number. ITFS numbers let businesses broaden international reach and compete more aggressively in more territories. Especially important with companies already located in countries saturated within your target market. The numbers are also easy to set up and extremely all encompassing with the Intelligent Networking capabilities within the Vital Telcom Cloud. An ITFS number is an important tool for businesses looking to go international or provide convenience to customers around the globe.

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