Messenger broadcasting & 1-1 chat

Contact Centres used to be a product of big business, Messenger broadcasting is paving the way for change.

Today the evolution of technology and the iP PBX and hosted communications have changed the communication landscape for good.  Furthermore with the roll out of more options for businesses to engage with customers, as Group Messenger broadcasting / and 1:1 Chat options offer a cost effective solution for ALL businesses, whatever the size.  This advanced technology was part of the contact-centre environment until recently, however the landscape of the contact-centre has changed and soon will evolve beyond recognition. People have been displaced, and few things once the sole domain of the Call-Centre remain so. We can choose to kick the sand and curse the sky, or we can look for opportunity.

Anyone who has used a Siri enabled device or the like has interacted with AI. Theoretically, Siri gets smarter based on its (her?) ability to access your data and your requests over time, machine learning. By tapping public and private databases, Siri can find things for you based on your previously displayed likes and dislikes. In other words, Siri is a machine that can learn.

Bots in daily use

Chatbots are the most obvious new use. A chatbot allows you to have a quasi-conversation with a computer. Thanks to AI, it can interpret your requests, and based on some rules outlined in the programming, direct you or answer your requests.

Chatbots are generally built on top of already existing messaging broadcasting platforms such as Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.

CNN chatbot

CNN produces thousands of new stories every single day. As a reader using the CNN chatbot you can tell CNN I only want to stories about certain topics or you can let the CNN bot pay attention to what you seem to read most, engage with, follow, and share and have content served to you based on what they believe you want to see.

Why Chatbots?

Chatbots can put a company right where the action is – in chat and messenger broadcasting apps like Facebook Messenger or Slack. That way customers and prospects can get the information and experience they seek where it’s potentially most convenient for them.

In fact, bots may threaten many 3rd party apps altogether. Consumers prefer seamless integrations and may begin to choose bot communication over clicking to open an app.

The allin1number communication suite has introduced the following services to its portfolio:

WhatsApp Newsletter Marketing

WhatsApp Newsletter Marketing is an allin1number service that makes it efficient and simple for you to send newsletters to your customers via messengers such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Insta and Telegram.

  • blankReach your customers where they prefer.
  • Respond to your customers’ changing communication habits.
  • Open up new target groups.
  • Create loyal and long-term customer relationships.
  • Be an active part of the digital future!
  • Customers can subscribe directly from your website widget.

Customer Service

Communicate with your customers through fast 1:1 chat via their favorite messenger broadcasting platforms. Your customers appreciate these modern channels, leading to higher satisfaction and loyalty.

New Target Groups are easy to reach with the help of our innovative messenger communication. Impressive open rates and click through rates speak for themselves.

High Degree of Acceptance among subscribers. Secure subscription and cancellation of subscriptions due to double opt-in.

Immediate and Direct Send information to users’ smart phones directly via push notification.

Customer Loyalty is best increased through personal communication via messenger.


Enhance and automate your communication with the help of our sophisticated chatbots. Bots are available 24/7 and are a great means to deliver excellent customer service at very low cost.

A chatbot is an automatic program that performs automatic tasks within a messenger and which communicates with your customers through chat dialogs.

Your smart chatbot is your personal assistant for customer communication, which supports customer interaction via WhatsApp, Insta, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram.

The Search Bot lets your customers request the news that they are most interested in.

With the help of the Search Bot, your news reach your target group even more precisely.

Image result for search bots


Your subscribers can sign up for your newsletter themselves and unsubscribe as well. Our software makes sure that your list is always up to date.


Send your newsletters right away or pick a date and time – it’s up to you.


You can start your channel right away and leave the software maintenance and development to us.


Your channel is not only a reliable gateway. It should also reflect your style. Make individual adjustments to your profile, your widget, your message texts.


Your statistics feature enables you to monitor how your user numbers develop and how effective your messaging is.


Our double-opt-in process makes sure that our service cannot be used for unwanted bulk messaging or spamming purposes.

If you have not considered communicating with your customers via the medium of their choice, perhaps its time to review how easily your business may design and implement a chatbot service.  Redefine customer engagement today with an automated 24 x 7 chat service. You may well be surprised how you will not only reduce your overheads, but drastically re-define your relationships with your customers.  Improve your customer service, talk to an allin1number team member about how easily we can implement our messenger broadcasting and chatbots into your business.


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The unique balance of innovative services from the allin1number communications suite, includes: hosted PBX with desktop or soft phones, plus mobile & messenger apps will differentiate your business. Don’t get left behind by ignoring the benefits & cost savings that cloud telephony will deliver to your business.