Innovative solutions to enable Multi-media Communication

allin1number empowers today’s modern workforce with innovative solutions to enable communication and collaboration anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Multi-media communications are all about improving the customer experience and providing customers with more choices upon how they may communicate.

hosted PBX with Bria Stretto

Vital Telcom’s modus operandi is to best practices and helping our customers maximize the value from their allin1number solutions, from optimizing our technology to provide business differentials. In addition we have teamed up with a coaching and leadership development experts to ensure our customers invest in their employees, the equally important part of an organisation.  At Vital Telcom we don’t forget people make businesses and therefore are pleased to Work alongside the Inspired Experiences team so our customers can maximise their potential, see the website for more details; Inspired Experiences Not only may employees better engage internally and with colleagues, partners and customers like never before. Organisations are finding innovative ways to leverage allin1number solutions to increase productivity, efficiency, and customer engagement.

Equally important we are pleased to remind our customers we are unique as unlike our competitors we own the intellectual property of the allin1number communication suite, which means as opposed to our competitors our bespoke delivery is expedient.  With allin1number there is no obsolescence as we continually develop our owned and managed iP namely the ‘allin1number Cloud Communication Suite. With the newly introduced Bria Stretto, we have stretched even further our customer offering and are now able to provide the newly lauched sophisticated and all encompassingallin1number Seats‘ offering each user four licenses able to be used simultaneously across four devices, e.g. PC/Mac, Tablet and Smartphones.

The allin1number hosted PBX with Bria Stretto ‘SoftPhones / Mobile Apps’ supports: HD outbound/inbound calls, Unified Messaging (v-mail to email), FoC calls between staff anywhere, FoC Team Messaging & Presence between staff, FoC Video between staff, Screen Sharing, Effortless on-boarding.

SIP/SIMPLE Messaging & Presence Module

Supporting a number of extensions for operator and enterprise deployments, the SIP/SIMPLE Messaging and Presence Module provides a SIP/SIMPLE server for messaging and presence services.

XMPP Messaging & Presence Module

The XMPP Messaging & Presence Module provides an XMPP server for messaging and presence services supporting a number of extensions for operator and enterprise deployments.

SMS Over IP Module


The SMS over IP Module of the Bria Stretto Platform enables SMS capability for VoIP users for both inbound and outbound messages, as well as store and forward message functionality for off-line VoIP users. The module directly integrates with the mobile SMS network without any mobile operator agreement required.

The Bria Stretto comes in addition with customer administrator access to the allin1number Portal for ease of moves and changes, for Managers; direct access to their reports and for all Bria Stretto users access directly to Vital Telcom Fault Managment system for reporting and useful user information.

Ensuring multi-media communications offer allin1number business customers a complete business solution, we ensuring Vital Telecom customers are prepared for business wherever they are, home or remote working or in the office.

For more information on how your business can benefit from the allin1number Communications Suite, contact the Vital Telcom team and talk to an expert today; +44 207 048 8821.