0800 free phone

How will an 0800 free phone benefit my business?

0800 free phone & 0808 numbers are completely FREE to call from UK landlines and mobiles. The changes came on July 1st 2015, when 0800 numbers were made freephone by Ofcom no matter where you’re calling from within the UK – landline or mobile.  This adds great appeal to customers and a big opportunity for businesses.


0800 freephone numbers are a proven way to increase your business presence. Surveys from Henley Research show that customers know and appreciate 0800 numbers with 90% recognising an 0800 number being Free to call and 65% being more likely to call a free phone number.

Removing the cost of calling sends a very clear signal to your customers about the value you place on communication with them. Meaning the customer is incentivised to call you. And it’s not just us saying this. Ofcom in their 2006 Telephone Numbering consultation say the 0800 freephone number is “a strong existing brand …well recognised and trusted by consumers to create a national business presence. Local area numbers give a good indication of where in the UK you are based. If you are looking for a non-geographic number to represent your business and attract custom from across the country, 0800 numbers provide this.

Ofcom’s 2016 approach was to make 08 numbers understandable, the first three digits of these numbers was redesigned to give consumers a clear message about the likely cost of a call. Ofcom will decreed three clear categories of 08 numbers:

080: Freephone (including current 0800 and 0808 numbers);
084: Up to a lower rate (5p per minute from BT lines);
087: Up to a higher rate (10p per minute from BT lines).

0800 numbers are often associated with well established businesses and immediately give your company an impression of scale. Your business is able to look large and professional no matter how small your company actually is.

0800 Numbers from £5.00 per month
0800 Numbers from £5.00 per month


Using an 0800 number is a great way to show customers that you care. By taking on the calling costs and allowing them to contact you for free, it gives the impression that your company takes a personal interest in their customers and how well they are treated. A freephone number will increase your levels of customer service, creating greater attraction and loyalty to your brand.


From a business perspective, using an 0800 number will incur greater costs. In order for the caller to make a completely free call, the company providing the 0800 number must absorb the charges of the call being made.

However, these charges can be minimal in comparison to the volume of calls your business can receive from advertising an 0800 number. Some businesses have reported up to an 185% increase in calls from using a freephone number! As calls soar, so do the amount of enquiries and potential sales leads you receive which will ultimately result in bigger business.

90% of the UK population recognise an 0800 number as freephone and 65% of those are more likely to call a freephone number over a local or premium rate number. With such significant statistics and an almost guaranteed rise in calls, grabbing an 0800 number seems a no-brainer.

With an allin1number 0800 number you may provide your customers with 24/7 Call Answering • Professional Advertising on Hold Recordings • Professional Greetings • Welcome Menu, Advanced Intelligent Networking Options • Voicemail Transcriptions based on time of day, day of the week • plus much more.

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