BYOD to work

BYOD Policy

In the final week of 2017 we review the concept of Bring Your Own Device (byod) and the benefits that it can bring to any organization. This week we pick up on the same topic and provide you with three tips to help you setup and manage your BYOD program.

Daily Monitoring
This is perhaps the most challenging aspect in the implementation and management of a BYOD program, but as such, it is also a vital step for its success. When allowing access to company sensitive data, your organization needs to manage protocols and individual devices effectively. As employees change their devices often, it is important to maintain constant communication and control over the devices included in the company’s network.

Availability of devices Create a solid policy
Creating an encompassing policy is the best way to build a foundation for success when implementing a BYOD program. A policy must lay out the rules and protocols that will govern the entire initiative. This document must include details about the applications, data, security levels and files that are to be available through employee’s devices.

Users have a plethora of options to choose from when it comes to personal devices. This is why it is imperative to set up a program that is compatible with the majority of the devices that will be brought forward by the users in your organisation. There is nothing worse than being limited due to a system availability issue. See allin1Mobile for more information on what’s possible, alternatively see our App.

Keeping these three points in mind when planning and executing your BYOD plan will help you and your organization operate smoothly and reap the benefits associated with this initiative.

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