0800 numbers

0800 Number also referred to as ITFN’s, are Free Phone numbers that are ONLY able to be called in Country.

ITFN stands for International Toll Free Number.

However, these ITFN numbers are actually national toll-free or freephone numbers that can only be called for free within a specific country. An example of this is an 0800 number in the UK.

ITFN cannot be called from abroad, but it is possible to activate several different numbers in different countries, this is the reason these numbers are also known as international toll-free numbers. These numbers will be free of charge, yet only to the end user calling from within that particular country.

For more information on the different Toll Free Number options available to business visit our page.0800 freephone numbers

How an 0800 ITFN number helps grow your business:

  • Having an 0800 number can increase inbound calls by up to 300%
  • Two out of three consumers prefer communicating with companies that use an 0800 number
  • 0800 numbers give your business the flexibility to expand or even relocate your business without geographical ties to an area code/STD code.
  • 0800 numbers provide the perception of a national presence
  • 0800 number calls can be diverted to any mobile or landline number anywhere globally.
  • Gain an increase return on your marketing spend by measuring which campaigns perform and spend accordingly

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