virtual assistant for your business

Your e-Receptionist is our virtual assistant for your business.

Imagine how your business would change with your own virtual assistant. Someone you know and trust to look after your calls exactly as if based in your office.

e-Receptionist | Virtual Assistant

When a caller rings your business number, if you’re unavailable or simply don’t have time to answer the call yourself, that call will pass to your virtual assistant, just as if they are a member of your staff actually in your office. Your virtual assistant’s confidence, helpfulness and knowledge will impress your caller, they will know everyone in your company and be able to pass on the message accordingly.

You’ll gain time, flexibility, cost savings and a professional image.

That caller is then either transferred through to you (or a colleague) wherever you are, or more commonly a message is taken and sent to you immediately as a text or email.

How do our e-Receptionists know who the call is for?

What happens out of hours?
First all customers are given a unique unpublished divert number that is unique, in addition we use whisper announce to ensure the company name is whispered in the operators ear, milliseconds before the is answered. Any calls received on that line will make our screen pop up on the Vital Telecom e-Receptionist PC’s and that is how the calls are guaranteed to be answered in your company name.

From Monday to Friday 6.00pm until 8.00am the next morning, your calls will divert to your personalised out of hours voicemail, where your personalised greeting message with voicemail as required.  We can also offer Saturday morning.

Alternatively our e-Receptionist offers Vital Telcom customers 24×7 support to cover calls 7 days per week on a 24×7 basis.


Are all my calls answered by e-Receptionist?

This is customisable around your business – we assist you to decide how many rings for your staff to pick up before the divert facility seamlessly sends to your e-Receptionist. You can choose to send all calls to virtual receptionist or just calls you cant get to when your line is engaged or unable to be unanswered.

e-Receptionist is a true extension of your business

  • In addition to basic message taking, bookings can be taken, diary appointments made, even answer key FAQs on more service or product specific queries.
  • FAQs can be detailed open-ended, or simple yes/no close-ended
  • Easily change FAQs in your account in line with business demand
  • You may even listen to how we handle FAQs using your call recordings with the Vital Telcom call recording.

For more information all a Vital pre-sales specialist on 0207 048 8821. Alternatively see our further e-Receptionist blog