How a UK 0800 Freephone Number Can Benefit Your Business

Benefits of UK 0800 Freephone Number

UK 0800 Freephone: What you will probably know as a small business, you will often find yourself competing with much larger companies for the same customers in what’s seems an uneven playing field.

What you probably will not know is making use of a UK 0800 Freephone number, will help considerably to reposition your business favourably against larger competitors.

Make Your Business Stand Out With an 0800 Numbers
With a UK 0800 Freephone number your can company can be perceived as a larger and more established business. Research has shown that customers recognize and trust 0800 numbers, with 90% of those surveyed correctly identify 0800 numbers as being freephone. 65% also said they would be more likely to call a free phone number.

Eliminating any cost of making a telephone call sends a very clear signal to your customers about the value you place on communicating with them. This makes the customer more incentivised to call your business rather than others. There is plenty of data to back this assertion too. In June 2015 Ofcom made 0800 UK freephone numbers FREE to call from Mobiles, reinforcing a freephone number is a sign of “a strong existing brand …well recognized and trusted by consumers.”

0800 Numbers from £5.00 per month
0800 Numbers £5.00 per month

In addition to being trustworthy in the eyes of customers, freephone numbers are also a lot easier to remember, making for improved customer retention. Especially important when it comes to offline marketing activity such as advertisements or radio broadcasts as both typically only have a small window of opportunity to ‘make their mark’. A Gold UK 0800 freephone that is easy to remember, being that much more powerful and worth paying for.

When you want to differentiate your business from the competition or scale up operations to compete in a larger market, an 0800 UK Freephone Number can act as the incentive that your customer needs to make that all important phone call, leading to better customer relations and to increased sales. Potential new customers are also more likely to call, when they know there won’t be a cost involved.

While an 0800 UK freephone number enables your customers to call UK mobile and Landline for FREE, while avoiding busy tones and being put on hold. Our allin1number Cloud based PBX will even redirect your numbers anywhere globally if required. Alternatively, overflowed to our e-Receptionist service, guaranteeing  your calls are answered even if your staff are busy. See our e-Receptionist page for full details.

allin1number cloud benefits
How allin1number Cloud communication can benefit your Company

0800 UK Freephone Numbers – Non-Stop Service
In addition to driving customer conversion and retention, freephone numbers can provide another key advantage to any business; non-stop service. With a Vital Telecom e-Receptionist service, your company never needs to be closed for business. Our e-Receptionist can work as an overflow when your short staffed or busy, also out of hours, virtually answering your calls as if a member of your team is always in your offices.  Our virtual receptionist will know about your business and specifically how you answer calls, also know everyone in your business and take messages accordingly.

The Effectiveness of Advertising with an
If you are planning a promotional campaign or want a better measure on the effectiveness of print or advertising, an 0800 number can be used for verification purposes as inbound call statistics can be analysed to assess the effectiveness of the media. Many businesses use a different 0800 number for every campaign they implement in order to provide the most accurate data possible. This allows them to accurately measure each campaign’s success, and save advertising budget by avoiding campaign types which have been proven to be wasteful. For more information see: free phone numbers

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