Hosted phone systems, curse or cure

Are hosted phone systems the latest business technology a blessing or a curse?

Well put simply, the answer depends upon your choice of hosted phone systems solution provider. As if you pick the right company,  the technology will seamlessly be integrated to provide the greatest benefit to your business.

Everything from accounting systems to CAD software is now cloud based and accessible by all employees (with permission), from anywhere. The benefits  from easier collaboration, enhanced security, data corruption protection, automated back ups, even full disaster recovery, all lift the curses of mobility in business.

However, not so commonly considered are hosted phone systems.  Especially alarming when there are so many compelling justifications as to why all businesses should migrate to a cloud PBX.  Justifications aside,  with the right cloud provider there is not even a budget required.  Sourcing the best Cloud iP PBX providers is easy, as they will be able to offer a CAPEX free migration option.

Taking into account how you operate today, hosted phone systems provides business advantages to ensure you optimise the way in which you interact with your customers. So, if your overall business effectiveness, along with customer satisfaction is your differential, the cloud is your blessing.  As no longer do you need to be a multi-national or have the budgets of one. Obtaining a vast array of the latest bleeding edge technological features and advantages can now be sourced from one provider.  With the right partner, all new features introduced will also be provided on an ongoing basis, without charge.  In addition there are no old fashioned maintenance contracts or any further ISDN or line rental, plus as importantly no obsolescence.  It’s like buying a new car and the parts being replaced and upgraded without charge, keeping it new.. 

Furthermore, a hosted PBX will ensure optimisation of business process which leads to excellence in marketing and sales that delivers differentiated, brand-defining customer experiences.  Experiences that have even been proven to grow both the top line and the bottom.  

Before making the choice to move to the cloud, various considerations should be taken into account:

  • Do you have more than one site that you wish to connect together seamlessly?
  • Does the flexibility to increase or reduce extensions, users & features, via an easy to use web-portal appeal?  That’s full scalability without cost.
  • How important is in-built disaster recover – especially if there is no extra cost?
  • Do you have staff with their own mobiles? – if so, you may consider a Mobile App to separate personal calls from business.   Simultaneously preventing customer attrition, should sales people move on.
  • Do you need to record all calls for legislation or training purposes? If so a smartphone app will cover your business.
  • Do you have more than one brand, Company or way in which you wish your business calls to be answered? Whisper announce with DNIS (dialled number recognition) delivers such a solution with redundancy.
  • Is the cost effectiveness of not having to maintain a business phone system important?
  • Would your business prefer soft phones or a mixture with desk phones?

If you have answered yes to more than half of the above, your curse could be simply ignoring the Cloud.  Alternatively your cure could be a iP hosted phone systems. You may be surprised to know there is a good chance of reducing your communications costs by migrating to the cloud. So why would you not consider a state-of-the art hosted business phone system or contact-centre – that never gets old?

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