Cloud Communications

Cloud communication is the hottest thing to happen in the telecoms industry in many years, also the most beneficial change any business can make in 2017.

Since iP based platforms started to replace traditional PBX’s, the cloud based PBX AKA Cloud Communication is the most exciting offering to businesses, wherever they are, whatever they do, why? Flexibility, that can’t be emphasised enough: scale up, scale down, change the business direction, add new branches or office locations, add on a contact centre, integrate your CRM, there are even OPEX only upgrade options.  Meaning, no lack of budget constraints need to get in the way – of your cloud.

Choosing the right cloud communication provider will even ensure you will make savings, or at the very least, retain your current overhead, while replacing your antiquated phone system with a state of the art communications suite.  With the cloud all of the aforementioned is complimented with FREE in-built Disaster Recovery.

If you have not considered the cloud your business may not just be standing still, you are actually being left behind.  With technology moving at such an accelerated pace, its hard to know when is the right time to embrace change.  Ignoring the possibilities, advantages and benefits may be a really bad mistake. Considering thcloud communication providere mass adoption of change it’s likely your competitors are already moving forward.  Cloud delivers key business advantages of higher levels of customer service and satisfaction.

From the ability to communicate with your customers across multiple platforms: Voice, SMS, Video, Mobile, all with integrated CRM, the cloud is the future of business exchange.  While change can be daunting, talking to the right provider ensures change is managed correctly, so your business migration is executed and completely seamlessly. Thats even possible along side your current set-up, meaning little or even zero downtime.  In addition once you make the leap, to cloud communications, the very ‘modus operandi’ and infrastructure of cloud phone systems and communications platforms, actually protects your business from  ever getting left behind again.

Future proof your business, with a cloud communication suite and remember its the cloud communication providers that keep the server farms and data-centres busy.  Once you take the leap and transition to the cloud,  your business, like millions of others is protected from future hardware and software updates. Hardware because your communications provider – by virtue of the very service they offer – takes care of hardware costs and upgrades.  In addition choosing the right supplier means you will also not have to be concerned about software either, as if you choose correctly there is no obsolescence.  Meaning the best providers continually develop and add new features and S/W updates across their customer base for FREE, the very best can even custom tailor individual solutions around your unique requirements and business concepts, providing real differential.

So in summary; a CAPEX free upgrade, not only prevents your business being left behind, it ensures there are no barriers to embracing the cloud. Take your next step and talk to us, we will provide a no-obligation audit and consultation for FREE.  Click on the following link for further information.