Disaster Recovery work with VoIP

Business continuity and Disaster Recovery have been hot topics for years, yet not necessarily for Telecommunications. Companies have long incorporated disaster

disaster-recoveryrecovery programs and processes for their Data; servers and PC’s etc, but few had incorporated voice as part of their overall disaster recovery planning. Disaster Recovery for voice was traditionally much more complicated due to the fact that phone numbers were owned and managed by the phone company. The phone number was attached to the actual line or Cct itself, so Telecommunications  DR simply was too complicated so ignored. The best a business could do was request a forward for each phone number to an external number. In the case of a large business with many extensions this was an inefficient cumbersome process.


VoIP (Voice over IP) and SIP (Session Initiated Protocol) service offers companies that migrate to VoiP Telephony the opportunity to create disaster recovery (DR) plans for voice the same way they would for their data, yet more importantly if the right Company is chosen this will be provided inclusively. Businesses utilising IP or hosted PBX’s have all of their DIDs (Direct Inward Dial, or phone numbers inbound to their business) consolidated on a server in much the same way DNS servers house and manage domains for the internet. Because of this, managing call routing becomes not only easier, but also instantaneously.

For allin1number customers we build for each customer a hosted PBX installation which is mirrored up to ‘six times’ ensuring any outage in the cloud will have the very minor impact of simply losing the call you are on.  Seamlessly a mirrored and replicated service is then automatically delivered.  So with the Vital Telcom

Business Continuity

allin1number“Quick Switch” option, our mirrored Business Continuity for telecoms, provides our customers an individually tailored DR solution at the click of a mouse. Why is this required? Well once turned on, this service can be pre-defined to cope with a skeleton staffing. Immediately limiting the number of extensions in a Group that are available to the client, yet more importantly also compensate for the same. For example, because the whole team may not available following a disaster, we can implement ‘Quick Switch’ to provide Call Queuing with position in the Queue announced, (compensating for less staff). Next the answering member of staff  will have ‘Whisper Announce’ to introduce Ddi they are answering; “Main line” or MD’s Direct Line” etc. In addition the answering party will be informed how long the caller has been waiting, just as the call is put through.

Thus immediately providing a solution for when less staff are available, yet also this custom tailoring will be designed to keep business working as normally as possible.  That’s even possible without your office being accessible to all staff. Vital Telcom can temporarily change bulk voicemails, creating temporary  announcements to ensure customers don’t reach voicemail jail. Basically the customisation can be individually tweaked to ensure your business is immediately ready for any pending situation with a custom tailored DR solution.


Not all Phone Companies are equipped to handle and manage telecoms disaster recovery. Work with a provider who knows how to design, plan, implement, and manage DR for voice. Vital Telcom is a voice DR specialist and can answer any questions about disaster recovery options in regard to your organisation. Also see our hosted PBX blog.

Contact a DR pre-sales specialist today for answers to your VoIP and disaster recovery related questions, call us on +44 207 048 8821 and quote ‘Quick Switch’.