UIFN – Universal International Freephone Numbers

A Universal International Freephone Number (UIFN service) is a worldwide toll-free “800 number” issued by the ITU.

UIFN service provide huge benefits and differentials for businesses looking to take
operations on an international scale, however they are different from ITFS numbers and it’s important to know how.  The aforementioned is especially important when added with over 50 Intelligent Networking features that Vital Telcom’s allin1number business suite provides inclusively. Your UIFN service will ensure your business has a clear differential, whether within customer excellence or sales; Vital Telcom provide an abundance of valued added features to compliment ensuring calls are routed effectively or with priority. Free Phone numbers are a proven method of not only driving business yet also to ensure your customers remain loyal and content.

UIFN’s add real value to your business


Providing the most appropriate type of business phone number is imperative. Proven to help drive in prospects for your business. However, if the question is whether an ITFS (international toll free service number) or UIFN service (universal international freephone number), a basic understanding will ensure you choose correctly. Lets start with the value of such numbers—both  number allowing your prospective customers to reach your business from anywhere in the world at no cost to them.  Now on to the tricky part—how to determine whether an ITFS or a UIFN service would serve your business better, not to mention more effectively?

Before that question can be answered, let’s address the differences between an ITFS and UIFN’s.

How UIFN & ITFS numbers Compare

ITFS—International toll free service numbers operate in the same manner as a UK free phone or 0800 number. Calls made by customers are at no cost to them, instead the business pays. Additionally, ITFS provide businesses with both unique freephone numbers and a virtual presence (without physically relocating) available in over 150 Countries Worldwide. ITFS numbers conveniently place your business in the running with the other, local businesses in your chosen territories.

UIFN—Universal international freephone numbers work like a “toll free number” but just one number (the same number) is available for multiple countries. UIFN services are great when you are doing business in multiple countries and want to get the most out of your advertising dollars to market your business under one number for most effectiveness. So I bet you are thinking, why wouldn’t this be the logical answer every time? Here is why. Be aware that UIFN Services are not available for every country, and furthermore, in those they are available, the corresponding prefixes are required before the number. In addition, each UIFN requires a registration fee, which can be avoided when choosing an ITFS (or multiple, applicable ITFS numbers).

Both forms of numbers will benefit your business and make customers abroad more comfortable in approaching your company versus another. With the minor variations, it is important to realize, still, that each serve with a different purpose.

Recognizing UIFN numbers

Universal International Freephone Numbers / UIFN services have their own dedicated country code of +800 and work in the same way as normal international phone numbers. This means that callers to these numbers must prefix the +800 country code with the outbound ‘international access code’ that is used to start an international call from their country.

In the UK and other EU countries, the international access code is always 00. Accordingly, international freephone numbers in the EU are usually promoted simply as 00800 numbers.

For example, the EU’s main enquiry line could be shown in one of two ways:

00800 6789 1011 Dial able exactly as displayed from all EU countries, along with others that use 00 for making international calls.
+800 6789 1011 International standard number format. The plus (+) character is diallable from mobile phones, but landline callers need to replace it with the international access code in use in their country.

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