Hosted telephone systems

Hosted Telephone Systems

The Cloud is the future; Hosted Telephone Systems, Cloud Communications, Hosted VoIP, Cloud Voice, Hosted Telephony, Virtual Phone Systems, IP PBX whatevecloud telecomsr you want to call it.

The trend of hosting your business telephone system in the cloud has taken off and is gathering momentum, are you being left behind?

What is Hosted Telephony?

Put simply, which we like to do wherever possible, Hosted Telephony is a Telephone System that lives in a Data Centre, hosted within the Cloud. Calls are made as usual via IP handsets and delivered over a broadband connection or a Fibre bearer (size of the client dependent) to the ISP network. From there calls get routed out as set by the rules implemented by your hosted Telephony supplier. From a business perspective the main selling point is that there is no PBX hardware to maintain on site or anywhere within your business premises for that matter. This is great news for businesses looking to adopt a new telephone system, especially businesses without budget or whom may not have the PBX hardware in place already.

Hosted Telephone Systems For SME businesses to the Corporates

hosted telephone systems

Regardless of your company size or for that matter the physical location of your business or its employees, Vital Telcom will deliver feature-rich business communications to every employee in your customer organisations seamlessly, whether they work at home, in the office or both, via our unique Cloud Communications suite allin1number.

Hosted Telephony for Contact Centres 

With an allin1Contact Centre solution your business will gain the ability to provide specific contact centre capability to those employees who are predominantly telephone based, improving the SLA’s you provide your customers while improving the productivity of your business. The Cloud contact centre is about the shift to allow your customers to chose the medium they wish to communicate, Voice, Video, Chat/messenger, while allowing your agents to be able to work from home or the contact centre. This flexibility increases employee job satisfaction reducing churn, and a happy worker assists to improve customer satisfaction.

Are Businesses in the UK moving over to Hosted Telephone Systems?

Like most emerging trends, response to Hosted Telephony and to Cloud in general has started slowly, then gained momentum amongst the business community. Some view the shift to off-premise solutions as a natural progression for a growing enterprise. As Hosted solutions are quick to roll out, extremely cost friendly, and eminently scalable-all major plus points for companies with determined growth targets in mind. The momentum only keeps increasing.

From our own experience, we have seen a healthy interest from the SME market, which is more recently moving towards enterprise business confidence, naturally the Corporate market is slower to react or adopt – which follows the pattern of SME companies being generally more receptive and better placed to adopt new practices and technologies. This anecdotal evidence is backed up with research from the Cloud Industry Forum, who have written a very concise report looking at Cloud adoption within the UK (although not specifically cloud telephony). There are many encouraging statistics within that show the SME market and also the larger private businesses (80% of cloud adoption in some form) are embracing cloud, either in its pure form, or a hybrid solution that combines existing technology with an off-premise strategy

If your considering adoption of the cloud to drastically reduce and fix your telecoms and IT costs, then talk to us.  We are specialists in deployment of future proofed solutions for businesses of all sizes.

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