The allin1number UC suite of products and services officially re-launches for 2019 our Hosted Call Recording solutions; incorporating ‘AI’ Artificial Intelligence, with a brand new array of front end to further strengthen the customer feature set, enabling deep insight into the content of recorded communications Voice, Video and SMS. Key features provide a host of powerful new solutions including Smart Keyword Search and Sentiment Analysis all controlled from our WebPortal or Mobile App.

New for the Summer of 2018 we have added for our customers a new style of inclusive daily report, designed to allow our business customers to place metrics behind their call traffic.  Somewhere between the high level requirements of our Contact-Centre and the small business we have SME customers asking for a simple yet informational daily report module, to be able to capture uniquely important information around what’s important to individual businesses.  We delivered!

New for the close of 2018 we have added further enhancement to our Customer Portal, new Drag & Drop functions for ease of customer “moves and changes” and simple programming.  We are pleased to add the ability to set up Groups, Whisper Announce, Ddi’s, MoH, AoH and Call Queuing.

Vital Telcom release ‘O2 mobile solutions’ for our business customers, available to all existing and new Vital Telcom customers. The main benefit of the alliance is integration with our intelligent next generation hosted allin1number network is to seamlessly blend fixed and mobile services into our Unified Communications Suite. This alliance brings for our Financial Services customers complete MiFID II and GDPR compliance from fixed to mobile convergence services. MiFID II requires firms linked to financial instruments to record all interactions which lead to a transaction regardless of how it is made including face-to-face, written, phone calls – mobile and fixed line recording, and SMSallin1number services give you full ID and record control over all call data including numbers dialed, length of call, call records, voicemails, call recordings, SMS and even cell location for mobiles and fixed lines.

From the allin1number Unified Communications suite we have launched for the month of Spring 2018 ‘Quick Switch’ (read our blog for more info) available to all existing customers and new, Vital Telcom deliver a unique all encompassing Disaster Recovery solution.  Quick Switch is a Value Added Service that can be implemented to safeguard any Vital Telcom customer using our hosted business phone system.  Whether a Disaster where either staff cannot get to work, or even should part of your office becomes inaccessible.  Quick switch will provide a solution that is implementable by the ‘click of a mouse’ in the event of any type of Disaster. Talk to your Vital Engineering Account Manager today call; 020 7048 8822.

Vital Telcom are pleased to offer for the month of March 2018, a 10% discount for all new customers signing up for our coveted e-Receptionist services.  Specifically designed for small businesses who cannot always answer their main number. Alternatively for SME customers with Directors that cannot always answer their direct line, and would rather a Secretary answered that using their voicemail.  Our Virtual receptionist fills that gap staring from just 1% of the cost of employing a secretary. See e-Receptionist for more detail quoting ‘Mar2018’as your discount code

Vital Telcom now offer a new entry level product for the SoHo (Small Office Home Office) market place.  Designed for the small business or startup company, existing sole traders, or companies seeking to introduce a step up from their mobile. Vital SoHo Local Social is an introduction to how VoIP truly benefits businesses seeking a more flexible, professional and cost-effective way of working. See UK Local Social VoiP Numbers

Offering our refreshed state-of-the-art future proofed ‘allin1Contact-Centre‘ our hosted solution designed specifically for the Call-Centre and Contact Centre market place. See our ACD working blog The ‘allin1number communications suite’, is Vital Telcom’s hosted communications suite for all your IT and business requirements.

Vital Telcom are a leading UK hosted PBX provider, offering the state of the art future proofed ‘allin1number communications suite’, our hosted business phone system with no obsolescence. We are pleased to introduce the ‘launch of allin1number Seats the advanced cloud phone system offers the allin1number hosted PBX with Bria Stretto ‘SoftPhones / Mobile Apps’ supporting: HD outbound/inbound calls, Unified Messaging (v-mail to email), FoC calls between staff anywhere, FoC Team Messaging & Presence between staff, FoC Video between staff, Screen Sharing, Effortless on-boarding. With the allin1number Communications Suite there is no-single point of failure as ‘allin1number’ is a multi-node mirrored service, providing 99.997 redundancy. Should your building become inaccessible, your workforce can be operational anywhere using Wifi via the Bria-Stretto. The Bria-Stretto can be used on up-to 4 x devices per user simultaneously, no CAPEX required.

The Vital blog has been redesigned and updated, please check out our blog site and let us know what you think? You may now visit us securely on blogs.

Vital Telcom are pleased to introduce improved redundancy for our inbound numbers, upon request we now offer customers an alternative inbound number either as an 0800 or an additional local number.  The new allocated service will not use the BT network, so in the event of a BT network failure providing you have a fibre internet connection with a broadband back up, Vital can still deliver calls to your offices.  We are therefore pleased to enhance further our SLA’s, rolling out an improved 99.997% uptime service.  Which can be further improved by subscribing to our e-Receptionist service, where upon your business will never miss another call. Yes, a permanent receptionist service to answer all your calls, or just to operate as an overflow service, to back up your own receptionist during busy periods. Which means whether a busy period, or in the rare event of a simultaneous power and BT outage, Vital have you covered. Your phones will be guaranteed to always be answered and your messages forwarded appropriately.  Ask us for further details of how to obtain full business redundancy today!

The Vital website is now 100% on SSL following the last component; allin1Conference having been succesfully upgraded. See the combined security off SSL in combination with the McAfee certification trustmark displayed on every page,  Letting our visitors know the Worlds largest dedicated security Company has tested and certified our websites as being secure. So you may rest assured all components of our websites now operate under the high security of SSL (Secure Socket Layer). Please utilise our allin1Conference facility with the complete comfort that your security is our priority.

Vital Telcom have redesigned and modernised our conference facility for businesses; allin1Conference. Customers now benefit from a totally unique service to compliment their alli1number hosted PBX or any other Vital Telcom product, including ITFS or UIFN services, UK Freephone numbers or even internet bandwidth.  The new design ensures the allin1Conference service is simpler to use, takes less time to set-up and uniquely automates all remaining tasks. Retaining security for each business customer with our unique domain name verification.  The new service is all about efficiency and optimisation, introducing various automated procedures to allow users to take confidence that they will be notified in an efficient manor, to ensure they never miss another call.  From diary entries upon setup, to emailed reminders early morning of the scheduled call.  Users may even uniquely choose their final reminder as either an; email, text or a phone call, just ten minutes prior to the scheduled allin1Conference call.

Vital completes a minor revamp / update of our website reflecting the latest changes and newest features to be added to our hosted PBX allin1number. From the initial feedback we are informed our menu system is more straight forward and easier to navigate. In addition the improved information added throughout the site only assists our potential customers understanding of our allin1number cloud based PBX.  We have in also added an FAQ’s page, plus updated our Referral Program to assist attract more business customers.  We have also initiated our blog during March 2017, see: blogs

With traditional Phone Systems requiring a large capital investment to update or replace, business customers are thereafter still straddled with expensive maintenance costs.  Vital has taken the strategic decision to remove CAPEX and long term operating costs for maintaining hardware and installation.   We now deliver Allin1number LT contract; where we offer a CAPEX free upgrade to our allin1number cloud PBX.  Furthermore once your business migrates to Vital Telcom you will no longer require dedicated IT staff to keep phone systems operational.   Finally to ease new customers into the change, we are promoting our ability to integrate allin1number with a traditional phone system, protecting your existing investments while introducing the flexible and expansive new value added services and features available with our hosted PBX.

Our answer to MoneyPenny, your own tailored receptionist service, that will operate the way you like to do business.  allin1number e-Receptionist is an automated service that puts you in control of all of your communication needs. An actual person answering all your calls with a professional greeting then routing them to you wherever you decide, or they will simply take a message and email or text you. Its like having a receptionist or a PA residing in your office, who knows you, your staff and how you wish for your business calls to be handled. See e-Receptionist for more details.

We have made the leap at last, bandwidth is now a staple part of our client offering. Complimenting our Communications Suite allin1number through delivery of superior resilient bandwidth, that will priorities critical traffic and compress large data files on the fly. We can therefore ensure the best user experience possible, regardless of the speed of your current ADSL or FTTC broadband in your area, we have cost effective bonding solutions that offer a viable alternative.  Ask us for more details or see bandwidth.

Vital successfully launches Gold Service from the beginning of January to every ‘allin1number’ customer for a FREE two month trial. With DDoS attacks evolving into sophisticated multi-vector attacks at the networks and application layers, any service provider can be depleted of resources very quickly and these attacks generate major service outages. As these attacks which target both bandwidth and network components have become more prevalent, more sophisticated, more devastating Vital have been addressing your concerns and can now provide higher levels of service. We are pleased to announce a successful and seamless January upgrade to our major redesigned allin1number iP Virtual Office or Hosted PBX. Furthermore our new GOLD service has been rolled out as a two month FREE trial for January and February 2016, thats for all Vital customers.

You have been asking for increased levels of support and service, we have listened !
You asked for an all-inclusive remote maintenance and moves and changes service, we have listened !

Vitals’ allin1number iP Virtual Office or IPVO launched a NEW high 99.999% availability GOLD service, which includes all maintenance and moves and changes and an immediate response for service effecting requests. With a 2hr response to non-service affecting requests, our Gold service will be available on all working days from 9-6pm and exclude all UK public holidays.

You asked for a higher availability iPVO; We responded by developing a brand new ‘dual node’ cloud based solution, that not only fulfils the request for the ‘five nines availability’, it offers our clients many more new features and much improved functionality.

With ‘service availability’ becoming so much more important over the last few years, (with the internet becoming a hackers paradise), all of us have been affetced personally or business wise in some shape or form.

Some cloud based PBX have suffered severely from the ever more prevalent Denial of Service ‘DDoS” attacks and similar, which are not only disruptive to your business, they have been ‘up to now’ something completely outside your control.  Not ANYMORE  speak to us today about our greater reliability:

Vital’s newly redesigned allin1number offers our customers a new experience delivering a 99.997% high level service availability. Most importantly this means a seamless DR transition, should there be a switch or network issue (outside your own internet). What does this mean to you “our customers”, well other than losing the call you are on, our mirrored service means an always available presence.  With multiple data-centres hosting our equipment we seamlessly reconnect to a completely different ‘Allin1Number Cloud Platform’ should a DDoS attack or similar prevail.

Furthermore following our engineering team complete BETA testing of the new GOLD dual node system during the last quarter of 2015. We are pleased to announce that all clients will be upgraded to a FREE ‘two month’ Gold service trial during late December 2015. Hereafter, not only will you benefit from the new features, the completed Disaster Recovery suite and the new ‘all-inclusive’ maintenance/moves and changes for FREE during January and February. Thereafter, no further action is required to remain on Vital’s GOLD service. Following the trial period of January and February 2016, standard charges will increase to £10.00 per pilot number per month and £5.00 per sub-extension, that’s it. These new charges keep our pricing below our main competition, yet allow us to increase our service levels and provide the fully inclusive high level service you have been asking for.

DNIS dialed number identification (use DNIS for different Market campaigns) ask us for more information
Hot Desk login – sales staff or staff moving between offices can login to their own extension on designated SNOM handsets
Seamless mirroring of features and voicemails across both nodes
Improved announcement facility and V/M management.
Full Internal CLI on sub and pilot extension management
Withhold your number – option to control/toggle your CLI
No more confusion from sub-extensions, you will see ONLY one Ddi or extension where ever your staff call from (another office or home)
Email to Fax – FAX from your Desktop rather than a fax machine (fax machines no longer required)
Ring back when FREE – ability to press a button and your phone will redial the called party once they have finished the call they are on.
Ring back when BUSY – ability to press a button and your phone will seamlessly connect to your colleague (INTERNAL ONLY).
Realtime recording – ability to assign a button to record any call, can be initiated during or before call is started
Broadcast (Tannoy)
Dial plan Management
Whisper Announce
Attendant Console
DDI access to VM (setup a DDI in DDI management for company to access their VM box from outside)=1
Conference management
Call Rejection
Star feature management:  we revisited our Star (*) features adding many options for activation/deactivation
Company and personal User level control
Remote Worker / Home Worker: allow your staff the flexibility of working at home whether 3 days a week or full time. We have two base models to suit every requirement from corporate homeworkers to Contact-Centre agents with access to your CRM plus all other platforms and more that are available within the office. see the link for more details.

Please note: Vital are still offering the existing SILVER service, thats if you decide not to take advantage of our NEW Gold service. However to ensure you are not charged automatically for GOLD, you must send an email to requesting to revert to SILVER service following the two month FREE trial. Please note; due to the current volume of moves & changes requests the Silver service no longer includes either maintenance or moves and changes and we will charge for these services on an hourly basis should you need our help. However there is the choice to manage your own moves & changes without charges, on request we will provide your own Portal, to access your complete Office set-up. Please note; our SILVER service has an 8hr response time for non-service effecting requests. Additionally our SILVER service will continue to operate as efficiently as possible. However service availability cannot be guaranteed, therefore will only be offered on a best endeavors basis only, as all SILVER customers will remain on one Switch node only.

Vital nears completion of Beta testing our N+1 mirrored switch nodes, what does this mean to our customers. A a FULLY disaster recovery proof allin1number will be made available. Our Cloud based PBX we call ‘allin1number’ will now provide 99.999% on the network side. Meaning should we be subject to DDoS attacks the servers your on will fail and you would lose the call your on, however a mirrored service will be provided from a completely different location and restore all customers with a few minutes.

Take advantage of our August Special and RECEIVE 50% off all setup costs on UIFN/ITFS Services. Ensure your business has a presence internationally without the need of a physical location in each country with Universal International Free Phone Number (UIFN) or International Toll Free Services (ITFS).

Introducing Vitals FREE Conference call service: ALLIN1CONFERENCE! All it requires is a one-step sign up and your unique pin will be emailed directly to you. Follow the link Web Conference to starting using this service now.

The New Gigaset PRO range specifically designed for SME’s are now available! Users benefit from flexible communication with exceptional sound quality. Professional features such as corporate directory access, online directories and email notification add efficiency to the workday.

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Vital Telcom is excited to announce the launch of our allin1number telephony solution. Have a look at our allin1number channel on  Youtube  to find out more.