Hosted Business Services.

Vital Telcom Company Profile

From our allin1number UC suite we offer a full array of hosted business services. As a specialist within the sector, our unique emphasis on engineering skills and a focus on customer service, build long-term business relationships. Delivering our innovative, award-winning hosted business phone system as part of our UC suite; also encompassing IT & managed services, CRM solutions, Chatbots, Omni-Channel Contact-Centre solutions; allin1number.

Designed for SME, Corporates and Contact-Centre businesses anywhere, Vital Telcom are committed to driving down your cost of ownership.

unified communications

Businesses have plenty of hurdles, don’t let ‘outdated tech’ be one of yours !

unified communication provider

Boost your employee productivity from IT and telecoms efficiency. Our range of hosted and unified communications solutions provide SME’s, Corporates and Contact-Centres with the tools to ensure our customers are efficiently connected. Optimise productivity, improve efficiency, performance and enhance your overall customer experience with allin1number.

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Business Telecoms

We guarantee to reduce your total cost of ownership.

Managing business costs is a full time job – What if you could actually lower your costs while gaining a state-of-the-art Phone System?

allin1number UC suite integrates cloud phone services with advanced features as; AdHoc recording, e-Receptionist (outsourced secretary), Home Worker, SoftPhones, e-document management, Business Mobiles with Landline numbers, broadcast messaging plus much more.

Reduce your phone bill by up to 70%— free calls between offices, private messenger between staff, so you can remain in touch.

The differential of Vital Telcom:
a/ We will always assist you with moves & changes
b/ Vital are NOT a faceless on-line phone company
c/ Our account managers are all uniquely engineers

No maintenance contracts or upgrade costs. Our admin portal is available 24 x 7 x 365 ensuring ‘moves and changes’ are seamless wherever you are!